New York Jets: Poor Leadership Or Cursed Franchise?

Adam Gase of the New York Jets. (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)
Adam Gase of the New York Jets. (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images) /

It’s another bad season for the New York Jets who are 1-7 at the midway point. Their fans have to wonder if Gang Green is a cursed franchise.

The Hindenburg that was this year’s New York Jets season is now ablaze and Jamal Adam’s is crying out at the humanity of it all. Sam Darnold was outplayed by Ryan Fitzpatrick and his beard, and the only people not stunned were Jets fans …because they have painfully learned through experience that there is no bottom.

I imagine being a Jets fan is something akin to rooting for the Washington Generals. Deep down you don’t actually expect a victory, you’re just there to laugh when the opposition pantses them and scores again. Today however the Generals just lost to a team of 8th graders, and again, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

I will leave game film analysis and stats to other writers. Today I want to examine the New York Jets as an entity. The negativity and darkness that surrounds this team is soul-crushing.  At this point, you don’t fire the coach, you call for an exorcism. The spirits of Browning Nagle and Blair Thomas will haunt the team forever. There is never enough failed first-rounder blood to satisfy the angry spirits.

In my lifetime the team has had one or two leaders able to rise above the dark abyss that follows the team. Unfortunately for New York Jets fans, Bill Parcells is long gone, and Adam Gase is no Rich Kotite. Gase, after alienating his best young player, Jamal Adams by trying to trade him, told the press he felt no need to talk to his player about the situation. That’s Jets leadership once again rearing its ugly head.

The really sad part about the Adams situation is he WANTED to be there. With all the players in the NFL demanding trades, not trusting their franchises, etc. the New York Jets have a young star who believes in the team. Of course, that means they must look to ship him out.

What exactly were they hoping to get for him? Draft picks that might develop into being as good as Adams in a year or two. Didn’t they just sign a trillion dollars worth of win-now free agents? More examples of bad leadership or a curse coming to fruition?

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Then there is the furor over Sam Darnold’s ghosts. The Jets were just shocked, shocked I tell you, that the player they allowed to be mic’d for the game was recorded. How dare the league air interesting audio the New York Jets gave them permission to record.

First of all the Jets should be far more concerned about other aspects of Darnold’s game then him being confounded by the league’s best pass defense. Also, since we’ve established the Jets are a haunted franchise I would be more shocked if he was NOT seeing spirits out on the field.

Now the Jets have a young QB heading in his third year who they aren’t positive is the answer, a slowly declining defense, and no clear plan. The team is “groundhog daying” the Rex Ryan era with less success and less foot fetish stories.

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If Darnold butt fumbles next week it’s all over for the Jets. They should consider bringing back Joe Namath and Suzy Kolber for the Steelers game to reenact their magic moment near its anniversary. Maybe if she kisses the old frog this time it will turn the New York Jets into a team of handsome princes who can make the playoffs. Is my plan any less ridiculous than the franchise’s current direction?