Disturbing Drew Lock-Giants Report Emerges

At first the signing of Drew Lock appeared to be the team investing in a back-up to Daniel Jones but, does it mean more than expected?
Oct 2, 2023; East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Drew Lock (2) throws a
Oct 2, 2023; East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Drew Lock (2) throws a / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants made a move to sign their backup it seemed when they added Drew Lock after losing Tyrod Taylor to the New York Jets. The move, however, may end up unseating Daniel Jones according to Seahawks General Manager John Schneider who said the following about why Lock chose the Giants over the Seahawks:

"They sold him on the opportunity to compete to be the starter. And he felt like it was the right opportunity. He looked at Baker Mayfield's opportunity last year and felt that this could be something similar."

John Schneider

If true, this move may mean several things for the New York Giants heading into 2024 and beyond the upcoming season. And really, none of them are good.

The first possibility is that the Giants head into training camp with Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, and Tommy DeVito holding a true competition for the role of starting quarterback. The more intriguing option could come however if the Giants select a quarterback in the first round of the draft.

Should the Giants trade up or stand pat at the sixth pick selecting a quarterback things could get rather interesting fast for the New York Giants. The team could potentially look to use Drew Lock as the starter while the rookie learns the system demoting Daniel Jones to the third string quarterback.

We've seen teams like the Broncos employ this strategy with Russell Wilson when they benched the veteran quarterback to ensure injuries wouldn't keep the team from moving on in the off-season. The Giants could save as much as $30 million in cap space if the team cuts Jones after June 1st making Jones' health heading into the offseason of 2025 a top priority.

Are Giants Having Open Competition or is this Typical Coach Speak?

While the Giants may give Drew Lock a serious look as an option at quarterback this could also be a typical example of general coach speak. The Giants will certainly say they're exploring every option but, are they really considering benching the quarterback they gave a four-year $160-million dollar extension to? The best guess as things currently stand is that Lock starts the season as the backup to Daniel Jones with a chance to play if Jones struggles early on.

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