New York Sports: Empire Writes Back the Podcast Episode Three


Empire Writes Back the Podcast is out with episode three. After a long week, the guys talk second half of the MLB season, NBA Free Agency, and more from all things New York sports.

The Empire Writes Back team is back with the third episode in the podcast series to talk everything New York sports.

Co-Site Experts Sean Dyer and John Franklin delve into a little MLB second half action, and give their thoughts on the recent MLB All-Star Break. From the Home Run Derby, to the actual All-Star Game, the duo give their thoughts on all things All-Star.

Plus our team gives their insight on the second half of the MLB season. Everything from trade to

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talk, to general predictions of where each New York baseball team is going to be come season’s end.

Plus, could there be a subway trade on the horizon?

Also, the guys give a light update of NBA Free Agency, and how the Brooklyn Nets made a big splash in the trade market.

Big news hits the table this week with the New York Knicks signing a new General Manager. The Phil Jackson era is officially over in New York City.

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Finally, Sean and John bring you a new segment never before heard on an Empire Writes Back Podcast. It’s something you really don’t want to miss. And of course, our Site Experts end every episode like they always do, with their final thoughts.

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