New York Sports: Empire Writes Back the Podcast Episode Four


New York sports never sleeps, and neither does Empire Writes Back. We are back with the fourth episode of our podcast, and we have some new tricks up our sleeves.

The Empire Writes Back Podcast is back for another week of all things New York Sports.

Our site experts Sean Dyer and John Franklin give us a light week this week, but there’s some new stuff coming at you!

The guys kick things off with the biggest New York news so far. The New York Yankees made a

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splash in the trade market, but was it the right move? Take a listen to see what our guys think.

Also Aaron Judge continues his struggles, but there is time for a turnaround.

Plus, the New York Mets continue to surprise everyone by not bringing up Amed Rosario, but there could be another prospect on the door step for the Amazins. If they can trade Lucas Duda, and go through a massive fire sale, the Mets could be in good shape for next year.

Then, with all of the ongoing struggles for both New York teams at first base, the duo gives their top five New York first basemen of all time. Do you agree with their lists? Let us know!

And finally, Sean and John open up another new segment called “Hot or Not”. Then of course the guys finish things off with “Please go away/come back”, and everyone’s favorite, “Final Thoughts”.

Next: The Unanswered Amed Rosario Question: What Are the Mets Waiting For?

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