Empire Writes Back the Podcast Episode Six: NFL Preseason Special

NFL Preseason
NFL Preseason /

The NFL Preseason is here, and Empire Writes Back the Podcast continues with it. Don’t miss this week’s preseason special on the latest episode of our podcast.

NFL Preseason football is under way, and that means Empire Writes Back the Podcast is going to hit you with a special.

Co-Site Experts Sean Dyer and John Franklin bring in Site Contributor John Carrol to talk all things NFL.

The gang kicks things off by discussing the New York Giants. They touch on things from recent offseason acquisitions, to the actual future of 2017.

The Giants have the best chance to make a run out of any New York team. Can their offensive line

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hold up? Will first round pick Evan Engram be worth the choice?

But, there are more teams to discuss.

John Carrol comes in to talk about the impending doom up in Buffalo. From Tyrod Taylor’s future, to the recent trading of Sammy Watkins, Mr. Carrol voices all of his opinions.

He thinks the recent change at the general manager spot could spell the end for Tyrod Taylor as the franchise quarterback of the Buffalo Bills. Do you agree?

Then, the guys finish things off by talking about the wheels falling off of the wagon for the New York Jets.

The Jets have seen their season take a massive spiral for the worse after loosing Quincy Enunwa. There is a bright future for Christian Hackenburg, but if the Jets start him too soon, will the give up on him?

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