Knicks Need to Trade Julius Randle This Offseason

The Knicks are much closer than most teams to winning a title, but the franchise will probably need to trade Julius Randle.
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Even though the New York Knicks are extremely close to winning a title, the franchise will likely need to trade a major piece to reach the promised land. As teams continue to monitor Julius Randle's contract extension negotiations with the Knicks, it's becoming increasingly clear that the Knicks will likely need to trade the starting forward to win a title.

Randle comes into this offseason after an up-and-down performance after the four-year, $117 million deal he signed in the 2021 offseason. The former Kentucky student-athlete only has two more years left on his contract with one of those years being a player option. Teams around the league are noting what happens with Randle's contract situation as the forward could become available if the Knicks don't reach an extension with him.

The forward has shined, averaging 24 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists per game on 47 percent shooting from the floor last season. The veteran did miss a good chunk of the regular season and the entirety of the playoffs with a shoulder injury but Randle hasn't had many injury issues in the past.

The forward hasn't looked like himself in the playoffs as his averages have gone down. During his 15 playoff games for the Knicks, Randle has averaged 17 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 3 assists while not being able to shoot better than 38 percent from the floor in either playoff run. While the former Laker has looked like a possible star in the regular season, the forward hasn't looked like one in the postseason.

Julius Randle Needs to Be Moved If Knicks' Goal Is to Win A Title

Unless LeBron James decides to come on a minimum-like contract with his son Bronny James given the role of backup point guard (which you could make a case that the younger James can earn those backup minutes on his own), the Knicks will likely have to use the trade market to find a star to pair with Jalen Brunson.

Since the Knicks already have Bojan Bogdanović's $19 million expiring contract, the squad doesn't need a Randle trade to net a star in return. Rather, the franchise will likely need tradable salaries and young promising veterans/draft picks in return for Randle. Despite just coming off a season-ending shoulder injury during this regular season, the forward's basketball skills still probably have value around the league.

Yes, if the team is healthy, the Knicks can sneak out a title with the roster as is. (which is a big IF with the lack of resting protocols on a Tom Thibodeau-coached squad) Still, the franchise is likelier to win one with two stars. Randle hasn't proven to be that in the playoffs, so he will likely need to be traded in return for veterans/draft assets that can be turned into a second star.

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