Garrett Wilson Gives Concerning Comments on Jets Future

New York Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson has expressed some uncertainty about his future with the team.

East Rutherford, NJ     November 24, 2023 -- Garrett Wilson of the Jets walks off the field at end
East Rutherford, NJ November 24, 2023 -- Garrett Wilson of the Jets walks off the field at end / Chris Pedota, / USA

New York Jets stud Garrett Wilson has had one of the most hard-fought 1,000-yard seasons in NFL history this year. His exciting new starting quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, went down just four snaps into the campaign. Since then, the Jets' QB room has been a circus, with no one really taking control.

Wilson has managed to produce regardless of the circumstances, solidifying himself as one of his position's rising stars However, it turns out New York's quarterback woes over his first two seasons could be weighing on him.

Jets News: Garrett Wilson Speaks on Jets Future

Wilson admitted to ESPN's Rich Cimini that he doesn't "know what the future holds" for him aside from his current deal. The talented wide receiver made it clear he's going to "do my part to try and make this thing turn over" following the Jets' struggles.

It's incredibly early for a player like Wilson to address any long-term plans. After all, the Ohio State product is only finishing up the second year of a rookie deal that will likely cover three more campaigns (if the team option for 2026 is exercised, which seems like a given at this point).

As a result, these comments should concern the fanbase. While it doesn't sound like Wilson wants out right now, he doesn't seem thrilled at the possibility of sticking around if things don't change, either. That suddenly puts a ton of pressure on New York to turn things around, or risk losing a WR star of tomorrow because of the team's lackluster performance.

With the wideout values on the open market only going up in recent years, Wilson is in line to get paid once his rookie contract is up after two straight 1,000-yard seasons to begin his career. It remains to be seen if that's by the Jets, or someone else, though.