New York Jets Most Wanted: Top 20 villains in team history – Part 3 (5-1)

Darth Vader. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney)
Darth Vader. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney) /
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New York Jets
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In 60 years of existence, Gang Green Nation has developed some enemies. This is the final part of our New York Jets top 20 villains. Today, its the top five.

The New York Jets franchise was born in 1960 as part of the AFL. They played at several different before settling on their current home of MetLife Stadium. There have been many heroes in New York Jets history, from legends such as Joe Namath, Emerson Boozer, and Joe Klecko, to the more recent Jamal Adams and Sam Darnold. One thing these men had in common was the green running through their blood.

For someone to be a hero, there has to be a nemesis. There is no good without evil. In 60 years of football, there have been quite a few enemies—men who have inflicted serious damage to both the team and its supporters.

Gang Green fans have suffered more their fair share of disappointments and heartbreak (much more) over the years. It is mind-boggling how one team can muster such prolonged futility. Last December, ESPN put out its “Most Miserable Fan Bases” in the four major sports. New York Jets fans were third in the NFL and sixth among all professional sports teams.

Under those circumstances, rivalries, as well as a hatred for people, places, and things develop. All that hatred can be placed on a select few people whom Jets fans feel are directly responsible for their misery. Hence the top 20 Villains list.

Our final installment covers the worst of the worst, the top five. Some villains on the list are players; others are coaches; there is also an owner. Before reading the finale, take some time to look over who made the list, up to this point.

Part one counts down numbers 20–11

Part two has villains 10–6

We begin with someone most New York Jets fans believe couldn’t lead a group of thirsty horses to lake 10 feet in front of him while holding a map.