New York Jets most hated: The top 20 villains in Gang Green history – Part 2 (10-6)

Andre Reed, Buffalo Bills. James Hasty, New York Jets. (Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart)
Andre Reed, Buffalo Bills. James Hasty, New York Jets. (Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart) /
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Buffalo Bills (L-R) Thurman Thomas, Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, and Andre Reed. (Photo by Michael Adamucci/Getty Images) /

6. The late 80s – mid 90s Buffalo Bills

Between the Miami Dolphins dynasty of the 70s and New England’s run of dominance for the last decade-and-a-half, there were the Buffalo Bills teams of the late 80s to early 90s. They were absolutely loaded.

If Thurman Thomas wasn’t running all over the Jets, then Jim Kelly and Andre Reed were decimating them through the air. It wasn’t any better when New York had the ball. Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith along with perennial Pro Bowl linebackers Cornelius Bennett and Darryl Talley led a hard-hitting defense that gave Gang Green no quarter. Behind them was their resident genius in charge, head coach Marv Levy.

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From November 1987 to November 1997, when mercifully Levy left the sidelines. The Jets went 3–18 against Buffalo. The lowlight of which was a 10-game losing streak. Buffalo time in and time out just destroyed the New York Jets, no matter where the teams played. Very rarely in NFL history has one team dominated another (non-expansion) team for such a prolonged period.

The Bills basked in their dominance. They never seemed to pass up on a chance to add a few more insults to Gang Green’s humiliation. Ah, but NYJ fans did get some satisfaction during that era (albeit from the couch). These are the same Buffalo teams that dropped four straight Super Bowls from 1991-1994.

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