New York Jets: 5 reasons why Jamal Adams won’t be traded to Dallas

Jamal Adams, New York Jets. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Jamal Adams, New York Jets. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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Jamal Adams, New York Jets (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images) /

1) #JetForLife

Jets fans love Adams’ approach to the game, on-field intensity, and the way he advocates for his team with free agents. As proof, look at the number of New York Jets 33 jerseys in the stands of MetLife Stadium every game. The Gang Green faithful are all in on him.

If Adams has it his way, he will play his entire professional career in the green and white of the New York Jets. If Douglas has his way, the same thing will happen. Both men have thrown around the term “Jet for life,” and they sincerely mean it.

At the combine, in late February, Douglas once again said the New York Jets plan was to keep Jamal Adams for as long as they can.

"“We’re excited about Jamal. The plan is for Jamal to be a Jet for life. We’ve had some preliminary talks with his agent — not gonna get into the specifics of that. But again, the plan is for Jamal to be here a long time.”"

A few days later, Adams was a guest on the NFL Network. Deion Sanders asked the Jets safety how he felt about Douglas’ comments. Adams was optimistic.

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"“I feel good. It gives me confidence going into next season, but we’ll see where everything handles.”"

Everyone from management to players, to fans, understands that professional football is a business. There is no crystal ball guiding anyone. So what happens in five years from now is the great unknown. At the present time, however, Adams wants to be part of the Jets, and the team feels the same way.

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Based on their mutual admiration for each other, the two sides will come to an agreement. The young man from LSU, who took New York City by storm, will be here for a long time. With the hot start to his career, Jamal Adams has a chance to be the greatest defensive back in team history and maybe more. Sorry Dallas, a trade isn’t going to happen.