New York Giants: WR Brandon Aiyuk a solid day two option for Big Blue

Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona State Sun Devils. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona State Sun Devils. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

One thing the New York Giants lack is a game-breaker. Arizona State wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk is just that and could be available for Big Blue with the 36th overall pick.

The New York Giants have needs all over the roster. They could very well not take a receiver early in the draft. It seems much more plausible that they do, after hiring a former wide receivers coach as their head coach. Even though he didn’t play at a wide receiver school, Arizona State wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk does, however, create momentum for a team in many different ways.

After seeing the potential in gunslinger Daniel Jones at quarterback, it hurts to imagine how much an elite deep-threat like Odell Beckham Jr. would have flourished with this new offensive identity.  Odell’s gone, but Aiyuk has a similar skill set to OBJ.

He’s tremendous on deep throws due to his powerful acceleration, tracking ability, and afterburners. There are several good receivers in this draft. If Aiyuk dips to the second round, the New York Giants can get a first-round talent with a similar style to Beckham for second-round value.

A work in progress, Aiyuk has room to grow as a receiver. He needs to improve on dealing with press coverage, and in particular, physical press coverage. It’s a coachable skill as long as he’s willing to put in the work. Playing for head coach Herm Edwards at ASU tells me the receiver has a good work ethic.

Aiyuk’s the type of player a wide receivers coach would be eager to take early in the draft.  He already possesses the talent and attributes to excel in the slot. The Big Blue coaching staff can work with him on how to develop the skills to beat press coverage in the NFL.

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Tremendous after the catch, Aiyuk is a huge factor in the screen game. Last season he was sixth in the PAC-12 with 65 receptions that went for 1192 yards (second) and eight touchdowns (fourth).

With the G-Men, Aiyuk could have plenty of opportunities in the slot, as Jones can lead a more well-rounded offense. Danny Dimes can not only work deep, but also toss bubble screens to a receiver as athletically gifted as Aiyuk, who proved in college that he can take screens to the house.

One more thing that young Odell could do was return punts. Aiyuk is a quality returner man who averaged 31.9 yards per kick return and 16.1 yards per punt both led the PAC-12 in 2019. As stated earlier, there are many ways he can impact a game.

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He brings plenty to the table. Aiyuk has the tools to succeed in the vertical passing game, the screen game, and the return game. Pair that with the ability to be effective in the slot right away, and the former Sun Devils star seems like a great scheme fit. On day two, the  New York Giants would have to seriously consider him with the 36th overall pick.