When will the New York Giants’ First Win Come?

Daniel Jones, New York Giants.
Daniel Jones, New York Giants. /

The New York Giants have gotten off to an awful 0-3 start, and their season doesn’t exactly look promising, so when will their first win come?

The New York Giants are 0-3 for what feels like the 30th year in a row. With Saquon Barkley out for the season, Sterling Shepard out for several weeks, and Daniel Jones‘ turnover problem, the Giants could be winless for quite some time.

Here is the Giants’ remaining schedule:

  • Week Four: @ Los Angeles Rams (2-1)
  • Week Five: @ Dallas Cowboys (1-2)
  • Week Six: vs. Washington Football Team (1-2)
  • Week Seven: @ Philadelphia Eagles (0-2-1)
  • Week Eight: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1)
  • Week Nine: @ Washington Football Team (1-2)
  • Week 10: vs. Philadelphia Eagles (0-2-1)
  • Week 11: Bye
  • Week 12: @ Cincinnati Bengals (0-2-1)
  • Week 13: @ Seattle Seahawks (3-0)
  • Week 14: vs. Arizona Cardinals (2-1)
  • Week 15: vs. Cleveland Browns (2-1)
  • Week 16: @ Baltimore Ravens (2-1)
  • Week 17: vs. Dallas Cowboys (1-2)

Looking at this schedule, there aren’t a whole lot of teams that the G-Men are better than, toss-up games include the Football Team, Eagles, and Bengals. Other than those three teams that make up for five games, the Giants look worse than every other team left on their schedule.

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The Giants’ next two games are against rather difficult opponents, the Rams look like a team that has the potential to make a deep run into the playoffs with wins against the Cowboys and Eagles, and a close loss to the Bills and the Cowboys should be 0-3 but came back and beat the Falcons, yet somehow battled back against the Seahawks, before losing in a close one.

Beyond that, the Giants’ week six and seven games against Washington and Philadelphia look like potential wins, but without Saquon Barkley, it becomes that much more difficult.

That being said, I think the Giants’ first win of the season will come in week six against the Washington Football Team, but they might not get another win after that until week 12 against the Bengals unless they get a win against the Eagles, or in their second game against Washington.

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Overall, the Giants look like a team that will finish with less than six wins, and will likely have a pick in the top-five of next year’s draft, once again.