New York Giants: The Giants future relies on Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones, New York Giants. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Daniel Jones, New York Giants. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

After spending the sixth overall pick on Duke quarterback, Daniel Jones, the New York Giants are all-in on the overlooked prospect. For the G-Men, this pick could set the franchise up for years to come or set them back significantly.

Dave Gettleman claims he fell in love with Daniel Jones during the 2019 Senior Bowl, where the Duke QB earned MVP honors. Jones was certainly effective in that game as he threw for 115 yards on 8-of-11 passing. A solid performance in an all but meaningless showcase game before the NFL Draft apparently put Jones over the edge as the front runner for the New York Giants first draft choice.

Now, fast forward a few months after the sight of first love, and Gettleman got his man in Jones. Even as the boo birds rained down in Nashville from the scattered New York Giants fans in attendance on draft night, not to mention the millions of other fans watching at home, Gettleman appears to be very happy with his pick. Despite the fact, many fans thought Jones would be available when they picked again later in the first round.

Again, Gettleman talks about Jones with such admiration, this time comparing him to his wife. I think he may actually be in love with the Giants new heir apparent.

Well, no matter what Giants fans think, the front office should have done on draft night, what is done is done. Now, it’s time to wait and see what Daniel Jones becomes. The 6-5 Charlotte, NC native certainly has the physical attributes to play at the next level, but he is far from a sure thing when it comes to succeeding two-time Superbowl MVP quarterback Eli Manning.

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Jones does almost everything well. He has a good pocket presence, a solid football IQ, and is masterful at extending plays. Jones is also an underrated athlete, something that Giants fans have been hoping to see under center when Eli eventually steps down.

Many have knocked Jones’ low career completion percentage of 59.9, but his receivers, who dropped 38 passes this year alone, played a big factor in that case. During the combine, Jones proved that he is an excellent intermediate ball thrower and has good accuracy on his deep balls, without having Patrick Mahomes-like arm talent.

If Jones, the former zero-star recruit out of Charlotte Latin High School, is able to watch and learn behind Eli for a season or two, it should give him the time to grow into a capable pro. However, if the team is not significantly repaired by that time, Jones may have trouble finding his footing. The New York Giants have holes on both sides of the ball so they should be doing whatever they can to surround Jones with talent when it’s time to eventually hand him the keys to the offense.

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With talented players littered across the draft board, the Giants took a risk when selecting Jones. But Jones and the New York Giants have a chance to prove the haters wrong if they go about his process in the right way. There is a lot riding on Daniel Jones having success in the NFL, if he can’t prove his worth, the Giants may be regretting this for years to come.