New York Jets: Three internal free agents the team can do without

Mike Pennel Jr. of the New York Jets (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Mike Pennel Jr. of the New York Jets (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images) /
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Looking at the New York Jets with an outlook towards free agency, here are three internal free agents that the team can easily say goodbye to.

The New York Jets are getting closer and closer to the free agency period. The franchise tag period began on February 19. March 11 begins the legal tampering period followed by the beginning of the free agent signing period on March 13 at 4 PM.

That means that decisions are being made, even as we speak. The season may have just ended but rosters are being formulated as you read this. Plans are being made. Film is being watched. Contracts are being reviewed. Teams are figuring out the future of their respective franchises.

How are the Jets going to move forward? What are the Jets going to do in order to build around Sam Darnold? How will they protect the investment, and how will they maximize the time with Darnold under his rookie contract?

It is hard to argue with calling this off-season the most important one the franchise has had in many years. Mike Maccagnan could set this team on a path towards success that they haven’t seen since the Bill Parcells days.

Or he could continue the path towards more losses, a pattern that has kept the team on the outside of the playoffs since the 2010 season.

Previously we discussed three players that the team should re-sign for the 2019 season. But what about the players that can go? Who can the Jets do without?

That is the topic of discussion this morning. Mike Pennel (above) already had his option declined by the team. Who else? Here are three players that the Jets can absolutely survive without, and should not re-sign.