New York Red Bulls: Loss in Montreal is teams only ‘Mulligan’

New York Red Bulls. Tyler Adams (Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images)
New York Red Bulls. Tyler Adams (Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images) /

The New York Red Bulls played horrifically in almost every aspect in a road loss to the Impact of Montreal. But, that is all they can afford from here on out.

The New York Red Bulls played horribly. Luis Robles made a nice few saves so he overall played well, but that was about it in term of action from the red side.

However, without making a lot of excuses. The loss is the team’s only ‘Mulligan’ in what was an overall great run during a brutal stretch and during the season.

For how well the Red Bulls were able to flex their muscles with depth in a win vs the Dynamo just on Wednesday, they were unable to stay strong during a loss on Saturday.

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The New York Red Bulls proved a lot on Saturday. The first is that they are not as deep as we thought. But, more importantly, they proved they really need Tyler Adams and Tim Parker. 

Without Adams, they were barely able to generate any offense. Going a majority of the match without any real chances, they proved they need him in the midfield.

Also, considering the Red Bulls got bombarded on defense giving up three goals in what could have easily been seven, they need Tim Parker out there too. He is a workhorse and difference maker.

But luckily for the Red Bulls, this loss can be their Mulligan on the season.

In a game where really nothing clicked, they got some help from the things they could not control.

NYCFC, their rivals and team breathing down their necks to try to knock them out of the top two, lost as well on Saturday. So, the lack of points could have been worse.

Also, with Atlanta set to play Sunday night, the Red Bulls still left the night atop standings which had to be a good morale boost.

But, the real reason why this loss is a Mulligan is that it is easy to move on from. The Red Bulls will get over a week off now.

Upon returning on September 16, they will be able to go with their best lineup and subs from there on out.

They will not have to deal with managing rest either.

So, resting Parker and Adams will not be as imperative as it was in Montreal again this year. The Red Bulls also avoided losing a big margin on the table. The Impact are not a direct threat to them in terms of playoff seeding.

The loss is alarming. It is not good how badly the Red Bulls need the type of talent Tyler Adams provides.

But, the game is over and the loss is over and done with. Nothing anyone can do.

Yes, the Red Bulls need to improve on the road, but they can have home field for a good portion of the playoffs, which helps. But, yes, they still have time to learn how to play better away from Harrison against teams they are better than.

The Red Bulls still have some massive conference games coming off, but all will be normal rest. The biggest game is against Atlanta at home and they will have their ideal preparation for that one.

So, of course, the loss is not ideal and there is work to be done to get back to playoff form and to get back to scoring goals, but the loss is timely in some aspects and the Red Bulls can adjust, rest up, and get ready.

Zero points in the game are not of the objectives but it did not knock them out of the Shield race by any means.

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Oh, they clinched a playoff berth in spite of it too.