New York Red Bulls: Tyler Adams can change MLS forever by not leaving for Germany

New York Red Bulls. Tyler Adams (Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images)
New York Red Bulls. Tyler Adams (Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images) /

The New York Red Bulls are in the middle stretch of their hardest run of the season. But, as the days wind down on the 2018 season, so do the days with Tyler Adams in New York.

Tyler Adams is the poster boy for homegrown talent development that the New York Red Bulls want. He is a star on the rise and will succeed wherever he goes based on his talent alone.

But, with all the rumors that have already been out about Adams’ move to RB Leipzig at the end of the year, it makes one wonder.

Of course, it is only right to cheer on, root for, and understand why Tyler Adams is going to the Bundesliga in Germany to play for a Red Bull sister club.

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The MLS is still just not the prime league to be in and Adams needs to be with the cream of the crop talent of the World during his best years. So, the move makes sense for him and is important.

However, and this is not some kind of pitch to get him to stay with the Red Bulls and in MLS, he would change the league forever if he did not leave.

There is little to no possibility that he stays. It’s all but official that he is gone. But, imagine what it would do for the league if he decided to stay in the States and play with his hometown club and the one where he developed?

It would not only mean the Red Bulls would have the talent to continue to dominate the league, but it would show that the best American soccer players finally appreciate the league.

It is such a long process to build a league into a global powerhouse. Especially in soccer where each country in the World has its own soccer culture. But, the MLS is still nowhere near where they want to be on the totem pole of global soccer leagues.

Players like Adams, like Christian Pulisic who never even played in MLS, before him, constantly leaving and not wanting to spend the prime of their careers in the MLS is not going to make the process of getting the MLS on high regard any easier.

It’s the same thing the Vancouver Whitecaps are going through with Alphonso Davies as he is also going to be going to Bundesliga.

It just stinks that the reality of a younger player not wanting to stay in MLS exists. No matter whose fault it is or where the process to change that begins, it just stinks that these World-Class North American born players won’t stay to play in its biggest league for their careers.

The Red Bulls scout local players day in and day out all year long. And since Red Bull GmBH took over the team they have done a great job coming up with a developmental system and producing local talent.

Adams is the product of that this was the ownerships intention all along too. They also own the club he is going too and their intention all along is to get the players onto the New York Red Bulls to develop, emerge, then ship away to their clubs overseas.

It is not Tyler Adams’ job to stay in the MLS and stay in America to play his whole career. Soccer-wise, the MLS is still not close to a league like Bundesliga.

However, all it takes is one player like him in the future wanting to stay with the MLS to put it on the map and change the league forever. It’s rare to see a homegrown player play their prime in MLS.

Even if Adams only uses RB Leipzig to help up his stock and go somewhere else for more money too, that is fine.

If Tyler Adams were staying with RBNY for years to come it would be amazing. He would dominate the MLS and the New York Red Bulls would be a dynasty. More importantly, he would pave the way for players like him to remain in MLS too.

There are some like the Landon Donovan’s, Taylor Twellman’s, and Alexi Lalas’ who are American born most known for staying in MLS, but none of them are quite like Adams.

Overall, its great to see that the Red Bulls could produce talent. They keep players coming and are building something real from the bottom to the top. It is just unfortunate that the MLS and the New York Red Bulls are not quite the top yet.

Adams could change the league forever by choosing to stay in New York and make a career here. There just is not enough here for that yet.

The Red Bulls might want to make sure this is their year because losing Tyler Adams would not hurt them for too long but it will definitely make them not a better team.

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One day, just one day, the Tyler Adams’ of the world will stay in the MLS and change the country and league forever. But, for now, just enjoy him on New York’s red side while you can and appreciate everything he has done for the Red Bulls in such a short time.