New York Jets: All-time XI reveals many familiar names

Curtis Martin.(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Curtis Martin.(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

The NFL website is revealed its top eleven players in each team’s franchise history. We take a look at the eleven for the New York Jets.

In the lull of the NFL schedule, it’s time to talk about franchises and top players. It’s one of the most popular pastimes for us bloggers when waiting for the game to come back. Let’s do some of that with our beloved New York Jets.

Instead of our own list, however, we are going to evaluate the list of another. The NFL website has made their list, in honor of the World Cup, the top 11 players from each franchise. Here is the list for your Jets:

"1) Joe Namath, QB (1965-1976)2) Curtis Martin, RB (1998-2006)3) Don Maynard, WR (1963-1972)4) Joe Klecko, DE (1977-1987)5) Darrelle Revis, CB (2007-2012, 2015-16)6) Mark Gastineau, DE (1979-1988)7) Winston Hill, OT (1963-1976)8) Al Toon, WR (1985-1992)9) Larry Grantham, LB (1960-1972)10) Kevin Mawae, C (1998-2005)11) Gerry Philbin, DE (1964-1972)Coach: Weeb Ewbank (1963-1973)"

It’s no surprise that Namath is number one, thanks to the Super Bowl title. You could argue that, talent-wise, he doesn’t deserve the number one slot. After all, his completion percentage wasn’t even 50%. Yes he got the job done with a title, but that doesn’t necessarily make him the best player the team has ever seen. It would be fair to place Curtis Martin in that slot.

Personally I would have bumped Nick Mangold up onto this list and taken Kevin Mawae just off the list to Honorable Mention. It’s not that Mawae had a bad career in New York, it’s just that Mangold did it for a longer period of time.

Wesley Walker is a guy that deserves a place on this list. His numbers as a deep threat rival that of Don Maynard. Maynard averaged 18.7 yards per reception, while Walker actually posted a higher number (19.0). The only trouble is that everybody on this list deserves to be there. Making a change is very difficult.

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Weeb Ewbank is the right man to be the coach, although many of us likely thought that Bill Parcells was heading in that direction. Heck, Rex Ryan could have been that guy if things kept going the way they did in the first two seasons. But with the only Super Bowl win, Weeb Ewbank is the correct choice.

Jets fans, are these the right selections? Let’s hear what you think in the comments.