New York Islanders: In midst of rumors, do not sign Ilya Kovalchuk

New York Islanders. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
New York Islanders. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

According to rumors, the New York Islanders are showing interest in Ilya Kovalchuck. Signing him would be a terrible decision.

The New York Islanders and Ilya Kovalchuk have a real obvious connection now. With Lou Lamoriello, his old general manager with the Devils, in charge, there is going to be interest there.

However, signing Kovalchuk would be a terrible move for the Isles. They do not need to keep bringing in old talent on their last leg. They already have too many players like that.

Bringing in Kovalchuk would not only start off the Lou Lamoriello era on a bad note it would be steering away from the direction the Islanders should be going in; getting deeper and younger.

Kovalchuk has noted that he does not care what team or conference he signs with but that he simply just wants to win right now. Aside from the fact that his wishes might completely eliminate the Islanders anyway, he is still not going to be useful.

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Not only do I question his commitment to the NHL after the shady way in which he “retired” from the Devils, the Islanders need to focus on more important things.

The Islanders have enough on their plate this offseason because of that. The main focus is still to sign John Tavares, bolster their defense, fix the mess that is the bottom six.

Sure if they sign him to a short-term, inexpensive deal it would not be a dagger to the team but the distraction he would create is bigger than anything else.

The New York Islanders need to focus on their direction. They need to be focusing on how to improve and build an actual team. The goal should not be the playoffs, but winning in the playoffs.

Kovalchuk would come in just to be a short-term depth piece, that is not what the Islanders need. The only logical reason to bring him in is the fact that he is a player that Lamoriello has worked with before and can help Lou ease into his new role.

But that would benefit the new president more than it would Kovalchuk. It definitely would not help the team if that happens.

The team finally has new leadership. Someone who actually knows what they are doing is calling the shots. That is worth celebrating alone.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if one of the new regimes first moves was the same mistake that the old regime constantly made?

Yes, it would be a shame. It makes no sense too. There is no need to sign the Russian star. They should spend more time and energy focusing on not messing up their first-round draft picks.

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So, New York Islanders, please do not sign Ilya Kovalchuck.