New York Islanders: Lou Lamoriello hire is brilliant and timely

CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 24: Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Lou Lamoriello speaks to the media after the 2017 NHL Draft at the United Center on June 24, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 24: Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Lou Lamoriello speaks to the media after the 2017 NHL Draft at the United Center on June 24, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The New York Islanders hired former Devils and Maple Leafs general manager, Lou Lamoriello. The hire is brilliant and timely.

As someone who is typically but justifiably hard on the New York Islanders and their decision-making, the Lou Lamoriello hire is one that really impresses me. Not only do the Islanders now have someone with at least an ounce of competence in their front office, but they bring in one of the most reputable, respected, and smartest brains in all of hockey.

The hire is brilliant for many reasons. First off, this move will at the very least make Garth Snow’s role less important. There is no way Lamoriello is going to continue letting Snow have as much power as he does. Having less of Snow is valuable in itself. Even if Snow does stay along as the GM, Lou will reportedly have final say in all hockey decisions.

Lamoriello knows how to win. His success is not just a flash in the pan. Lamoriello was the architect for a dynasty in New Jersey. He comes to the Islanders knowing how to build a winning culture. Not only did he draft well with the Devils but he had continued success.

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His brilliance is honored by being a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame. That is a place that no other Islander can even think about right now. That is one of the reasons why the hire is so timely. The Islanders have a roster that is not very deep but also lacks something way more obvious. That is a winning culture.

Aside from the new Belmont project being underway, the Islanders’ culture is low. The ambiance during their games is sad. John Tavares might not be coming back, they have no true home arena, and are coming off two playoff-less seasons.

The biggest thing, the thing that will start a change for the long-haul is a culture shock. That is exactly what happens by bringing in Lou. The Isles finally have a guy who is brilliant at the whole hockey thing. A guy who has won before and knows what it takes to sustain it. That is something that the Islanders have not had for a very long time. Aside from Tavares, the leadership on this team is nothing but a joke.

Washed up veterans with horrible contracts, a head coach who quickly lost the fans’ support, owners who are not hockey people. Many things have put the Isles where they are now.

Now, the players can work for one of the best GMs of all time, a true leader with a track record of being successful.

Although fixing the New York Islanders might be his hardest job yet, it is one that fits. Lamoriello is used to the market. Lamoriello knows the Islanders need to be worked on. Improving is something he knows they must do right now, unlike the current regime.

Plus, he has already reached out to John Tavares and filled him in on what is going on, essentially making him feel like a priority which is something no one already within the Isles has done.

The Isles seemed destined to have an awful offseason. Two first rounders that Garth Snow was going to waste, potentially losing Tavares, and likely making little noise to improve a roster that desperately needs to be improved.

But now, this offseason can be one that changes everything. There is an actual reason for Tavares to stay. The draft picks might not go to complete waste. Lamoriello’s aggression can land the Islanders talent.

The New York Islanders instantly improve with this hire. Now, all they have to do is give Lou time to do his thing. He has never really failed at anything he’s done in this sport.

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If none of this works out and in due time the Islanders are not better and the culture is not changed, then there is a problem.

Lou Lamoriello is the guy who is going to save the New York Islanders and bring them back to not being a punchline. If he can’t save them, no one can.