New York Mets: Why the Mets are being careful with deGrom but not Cespedes

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The New York Mets are being cautious with Jacob deGrom and need to do the exact same thing with Yoenis Cespedes.

The New York Mets are doing plenty things inconsistently. This does not mean they are a mess yet because it is only May. However, if they want to improve from their neat .500 record, they need to be consistent.

This not only means on the field but all the stuff off the field too. Jacob deGrom, as we know, had a slight arm injury. He missed a start and then was pulled from a start after a delay and a 45 pitch first inning.

His injury could be considered nagging and the Mets are playing it extremely safe with him.

Yoenis Cespedes, who has a history of nagging injuries the last few seasons, is dealing with them again. In this instance, the Mets do not seem to mind.

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I find it odd that Cespedes is not landing himself on the DL. Why keep aggravating all the nagging injuries? There is no real reason to do so early in the year and while in such a big slump.

Some aspects of the decision make sense though. First off, deGrom is much more valuable to the Mets. Not technically the ace, deGrom is the most consistent and most reliable starter. Those characteristics have more value than just being the “best”.

The entire rotation is struggling mightily. If they lose deGrom long-term, they will fall way to behind to catch up in the NL.

Yes, Yo is arguably but probably is the best position player but he is not as valuable right now. If he can play the Mets can risk it. They need offense right now and Cespedes, despite his slumps, seems to be clutch when it matters.

But the depth in the outfield is way more reliable than the pitching staff. Having players like Juan Lagares and Brandon Nimmo to throw in there is way better than needing to call up players like PJ Conlon.

If guys like Michael Conforto starts hitting home runs more consistently then expect the Mets to put Yo on the DL.

But the Mets can’t afford to lose deGrom for more than one start. Not now, not anytime soon.

Cespedes is valuable but easier to replace right now. He should stay out there and grind it out. When the time is right and he needs it, then he can go to the DL and miss whatever amount of time.

Are the Mets playing with fire by keeping an ailing Cespedes out there? Of course, they are but the Mets are going to listen to what he wants and can afford to do that.

They need to do what they know is best for deGrom because they cannot lose him long to medium-term right now.

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So, yes, it is odd how the Mets are treating their star players differently when it comes to these inevitable nagging injuries but it makes complete sense to do so right now.

The state of the Mets calls for it. See how long Cespedes can stay out there and have a solid “Plan B” to win now. But to do the same with deGrom, when at best the Mets can only replace with lackluster talent just is not worth it.

It makes sense to be over the top careful with Jacob deGrom. There is no room for error with the rotation. As for the outfield, there is.