New York Giants: Possible draft scenarios

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(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

Here are the possible draft scenarios for the New York Giants.

Tonight is the night, and we really don’t have a feel for what the New York Giants are going to do with that number two pick. Here are the possibilities as we see them.

Scenario Number One:

Browns take Sam Darnold with first pick. If the Browns take Darnold with the first pick there are four likely outcomes of what the Giants do with their pick.

Outcome One:

The Giants take Saquon Barkley. If the Browns take Darnold that would keep the running back out of Penn State on the board. Saquon is one of the best running backs we have seen in recent years and he is drawing comparisons to Le’veon Bell. Barkley went for 1271 rushing yards, and 18 rushing touchdowns in 2017 to go along with 632 reception yards and three reception touchdowns.

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Barkley is regarded as ESPN’s top available player in the draft and you would have to search long and hard for someone who talks badly about the star out of Penn State. If the Giants were to take Barkley there is a good chance he splits touches with Jonathan Stewart who the Giants recently signed.

Either they would split touches or they would give the running back who they just used their second overall pick on, more touches. If the Giants do pick Barkley however they would be getting a player with a huge upside.

Outcome Two:

The Giants take Bradley Chubb. This is much less likely than the Giants taking Barkley, but it is possible none the less. Many believe the Giants will take Chubb seeing they just traded Jason Pierre Paul to the Buccaneers and they need someone to fill that hole. Bradley Chubb could do just that.

In Chubb’s senior season he had 72 total tackles, one forced fumble, and 10 sacks becoming one of the most feared defensive ends in the country. He helped lead NC State to their second straight bowl win and third in four years as they took down Arizona State 52-31 in the Sun Bowl.

Taking Chubb would be the “fill a hole” option for the Giants. It is the more logical decision seeing they have a hole at the defensive end position, but they would be passing up on a better player in doing so.

Outcome Three:

The Giants trade back. This option is also very possible as there have been various reports lately saying the Giants and Bills were discussing a trade that would give the Giants the 12th pick this year and much more. This option would be in an effort to pick an offensive lineman such as Mike McGlinchey.

The Giants have had an awful offensive line lately as everyone knows. Lead by Ereck Flowers they have continuously been one of if not the worst offensive lines in the NFL. News broke the other day that the Giants were shopping offensive lineman Ereck Flowers in an effort to pick up more draft picks.

Trading back is a good option for the Giants so they could stack up their offensive line and get much more picks in the process.

Outcome Four:

The Giants take a quarterback (likely Josh Rosen). This option like the other three is very possible and up there with Saquon Barkley as the most likely outcome. It is no secret that Eli Manning is coming down the home stretch and he doesn’t have much longer. With that being said, in addition to the fact that he was benched for Geno Smith last season, the Giants may be looking for a quarterback.

In a draft stacked with quarterbacks like Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen and many more, it is hard to go wrong when picking a quarterback. With the Browns likely picking a quarterback with the first pick that will take one of the board.

If the Browns took Sam Darnold with the first pick and the Giants intend to take a quarterback that will leave them with Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield and in a long shot, Lamar Jackson. Out of those four the likely choice would be Josh Rosen because of his play at UCLA and his versatility.

Scenario Number Two:

The Browns take a quarterback not named Sam Darnold, or if they took Saquon Barkley or anyone else. If the Browns took a quarterback not named Sam Darnold, or if they took Saquon Barkley or anyone else all of the outcomes in the previous scenario are in play and one more.

Outcome One:

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The Giants take Sam Darnold. There was a report a few weeks ago that said if the Browns took someone not named Sam Darnold then the Giants would not pass up on the quarterback from Southern Cal.

Last season at USC Darnold threw for a total of 4143 yards and 26 touchdowns, while helping the Trojans to a Cotton Bowl berth. Darnold is arguably the most NFL ready quarterback available in this draft and would be a great pickup if the Browns did not take him.