New York Mets: Put it in the books, history made in Miami

New York Mets. Mickey Callaway (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
New York Mets. Mickey Callaway (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

The New York Mets made team history Tuesday night by starting a season 9-1 for the first time.

The New York Mets went into Miami on Monday riding a five-game winning streak. They will leave Miami with their fourth straight series win, and something they’ve never had before.

When listening to the Mets on their flagship radio station (since 2014), when the Mets record the final out, fans can hear long-time play-by-play man Howie Rose say, “Put it in the books!” Well, with their first 9-1 start in team history, it can be said in a drastically different way. It’s not just the end of the game, but can be entered in the Mets history books as a historic win.

For the second time in three days, a hit by Yoenis Cespedes leads to a winning run. With their 8-6 victory, the Mets are 9-1 on the year. It was also history in the making for manager Mickey Callaway, becoming the third manager in the history of professional baseball to start his career 9-1.

The Mets have found different ways to win. They’ve slugged their way to victories, outpitched their opponents, and even didn’t allow a poor call by an umpire ruin this game. A fair ball call — which should’ve been called foul — led to a four-run rally in the fifth inning. However, the Mets battled back to tie the game and then did so again after falling behind 6-4 with two home runs.

All of this is happening with their best player, Cespedes, mired in a slump. The Mets are showing what team baseball is all about.

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Many thought this team would be good, and possibly contend for a wild card. However, people will have to start changing their expectations soon. If things keep up, the New York Mets could be NL East contenders. This team will be difficult to beat as long as they keep finding different ways to win.