New York Jets: Report that Baker Mayfield is priority number one

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 01: Baker Mayfield (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 01: Baker Mayfield (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Baker Mayfield may be the New York Jets top interest at quarterback after all.

Does anyone really know for sure what the New York Jets are going to do with the number three pick? Other than it being a quarterback, nobody really knows for sure. For the most part, the offices at Florham Park have been closed to leaks. So as we roll closer to the NFL draft, we cling to reports and rumors to get us through the days and weeks.

We have one of those reports here now. According to Draft Analyst Tony Pauline, the Jets have someone on their mind:

"There are a good number of league insiders who believe the New York Jets will use the third pick of the draft to select quarterback Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma. This assumes that Sam Darnold is already gone when the Jets are called to the clock."

If this is the case, it will probably split the fan base about 50/50 in terms of approval. Many would love to see Mayfield lead this team while others would prefer Josh Rosen if still on the table.

This would be a much better choice than Josh Allen. This is something that the fan base can agree on wholeheartedly. Allen may have a lot of physical attributes but his accuracy is very poor as we have talked about extensively. The Jets don’t need a project, they need a franchise quarterback.

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Mayfield is an accurate quarterback, so that box is checked off. Pauline went on to state his belief that Mayfield would be a mistake if the two guys named Josh are available. He is smaller than the prototypical quarterback, but then again, so is Drew Brees. Some believe his personality will work in New York and some don’t. We all remember the grabbing of the privates incident.

Truthfully, we won’t know for sure until the commissioner steps up to the microphone. The leaks have been stopped up pretty well by this regime. Mayfield certainly wouldn’t be a bad choice, even if he isn’t the preferred one for all.