New Jersey Devils embracing underdog role in path to playoffs

LAS VEGAS, NV - MARCH 14: Keith Kinkaid (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
LAS VEGAS, NV - MARCH 14: Keith Kinkaid (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

Even if most people now realize the New Jersey Devils are a good team, not a lot of people outside of NJ think they will make it very far in the playoffs. This puts them right where they want to be.

Impressive win after impressive win, day by day the New Jersey Devils continue to emerge as a legit playoff threat. But the road was far from easy. The feeling is far from ideal.

The New Jersey Devils marketing team has embraced it. #NJDvsEverybody continues to run wild on Twitter. I’ve talked about how the Devils recent road trip, which just concluded with yet another victory, told a happy story.

But in the bigger picture, this team and the way things have gone for them this season are now telling a different story. A story for all to love. It might sound cliché but it still feels like a fairy tale.

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The Devils have overcome injuries including going through a stretch with their backup goalie Keith Kinkaid, who emerged in his first real opportunity. The emergence of an MVP candidate in Taylor Hall is a comeback story in itself after reviving his career. But this team does not even revolve around individual accolades. The team shows more grit than most teams in the league and they rally around each other. They fight hard and they are relentless. Jersey also has a top line with the potential to run the league for the next five years.

But who does not love an underdog story? That is full-blown what this has become. It’s been a while since the Devils made the playoffs but this team has not actually been rebuilding that long. Well, it feels like they are already done with that.

No matter where the Devils end the season it has been magical. The Taylor Hall point streak, overcoming the Adam Henrique trade, all of it.

The Devils seem destined to make the playoffs but it is not all because of destiny. They have earned it. John Hynes coached his way here. The players played their way to this position. The season is not over yet. They need to hold on.

But all else aside, the New Jersey Devils are done being disrespected. They want the acknowledgment from the masses that they deserve and they won’t stop until they get there.

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So, NJD vs Everybody? Yeah for now. But if they keep the momentum going, look out because it could be NJD vs the Western Conference champion in the Stanley Cup final.

What a story.