New Jersey Devils: Now that its over, its time to marvel at ‘The Streak’

NEWARK, NJ - MARCH 4: Taylor Hall
NEWARK, NJ - MARCH 4: Taylor Hall /

Taylor Hall’s point streak, or as we will call it, “The Streak” is officially over. Let’s look at its impact on the New Jersey Devils franchise.

The streak ends at 26 games. Disregard the games he missed that “don’t technically count.” 26 games is its completion. 26 is an impressive number. No matter who pulls it off. But what is the real story behind Taylor Hall’s point streak? It is not only something to marvel at for just Hall but how it has helped the New Jersey Devils as a franchise.

Taylor Hall deserves the credit for ‘The Streak’. But what the team has gone through as the streak went on and subsequently ends, is wild in and of itself.

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The streak happened during a rough stretch for the Devils. Their starting goalie missed games and they started to fall out of what was a seemingly an untouchable playoff spot. Times were dark for the first time all year for the Devils faithful. Every thing had gone right for them and they were overcoming every obstacle that came their way. Hall’s streak was the only thing going for them for a while. So, as far as the timing of it, it was significant.

But look at where the Devils were at the beginning of the year. They had missed the playoffs again. Yes, they luckily won the draft lottery but they still felt ‘years away.’

Right now, their playoff cushion is thin. It is far from a guarantee that this New Jersey squad can make the playoffs. They still can but it will be close.

But look at Hall before this year too. He was traded to a team in a different country. Not only that but the team that drafted him number one overall gave up on him.

The change of scenery in NJ helps. Fans knew Hall’s skill set. But no one could have expected the streak at any point. Instead of having Hall’s confidence shattered as a ‘number one pick bust’ he came out this season and emerged as an elite leader. He went from expendable to irreplaceable in less than 2 seasons. From number one overall pick to the rebuilding Devils then to a perennial Hart trophy candidate.

It has been a wild ride for Taylor Hall. Although him winning the NHL MVP will rely on his teammates holding on and making the playoffs, what a season it has been.

26 is the number. That is impressive no matter what. In this day in age of hockey, that is Gretzky like.

But wouldn’t it mean so much more if 2017-2018 is not only the year of the streak but the year the Devils completely plunged themselves back to relevancy?


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However, now that it is over, it is time to marvel it even more. The number value is now official. But the intangible value of 26 consecutive games with a point will come in the form of a playoff berth.

Either way, what a run. Taylor Hall made himself the talk of hockey in the utmost impressive way.

What an incredible thing for hockey fans, different or alike, to witness.