New Jersey Devils: Taylor Hall’s point streak the odd symbol of the season

NEWARK, NJ - JANUARY 18: Taylor Hall
NEWARK, NJ - JANUARY 18: Taylor Hall /

The New Jersey Devils are turning a lot of heads this season as a legitimate contender in the Eastern Conference. However, it is what one Devil is doing that is the odd symbol of this team.

Taylor Hall is the top New Jersey Devil this season. Winning the draft lottery stole the  pre-season headlines. The lingering playoff drought is the current elephant in the room.

The Devils’ front office acquired him in 2016 and the rest is history.

Hall, historically on non-contending teams throughout his career, is finally looking poised to make the playoffs.

The Devils season is more than half done but it’s his current 19 game point streak that is the symbol of this team. Regardless of if the streak hits a remarkable 20 games, it is still impressive. It is the longest point streak in New Jersey Devils history.

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The Devils season is the story of many things. They are shocking the world, proving they are legit, proving they will be around for a long-time. All those things are great and the Devils are rightfully the king of the New York/New Jersey market right now.

But, the Devils’ season has consisted of injuries, constantly having to prove themselves, and… Taylor Hall.

Cory Schneider is out with an injury and that has been huge. The team let go of long-time hero Adam Henrique.

Both of those things are old news. The real symbol of this team is Taylor Hall’s remarkable 2018.

Nico Hischier is the future of the team or at least part of it. That is only arguably. Taylor Hall’s 19 game point streak comes at an ideal time.

The Penguins and Capitals are running away with the Metro Division and quickly. The Devs, like previously mentioned, have been with out their top goalie. They need to find a way to maintain a pace. Hall’s point streak is above expectation in doing so.

The Devils have struggled and played fantastic in his point streak thus far. Beating the Eastern best Lightning on the road and losing to the Flames at home are opposites. Where they sit in the standings is impressive. But Taylor Hall’s point streak is the symbol of this year’s team.

The Devils are a team that is but were not always supposed to be contending. They do not have a “top star”. Their first overall pick is not supposed to be this good this quick while being this young,

They have not made the playoffs since a run to the Cup in 2012. The entire team is essentially new from them.

They might have something better. Hall got the recognition of being an All-Star. It is also apparent how talented he is. He is on pace to destroy his previous career high of 65 points. Just like the Devils are on pace to shatter their projected point total. His +12 stat is impressive too. The team is definitively better when he is on the ice.

Devils are well coached. Their GM is skilled and experienced.

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I used to argue that the team’s success was random. Now, it mostly because of Taylor Hall. The Devils are all about the future as well. That future has been set by this guy.

Bask in his streak. Do not forget it. It is impressive. It’s rare.

The New Jersey Devils seemed poised to make a run. Taylor Hall, of all people, probably wants it the most.

19 games and counting. Who would’ve thunk?