New Jersey Devils: How well are the Devils built for the future?

NEWARK, NJ - JANUARY 18: Taylor Hall
NEWARK, NJ - JANUARY 18: Taylor Hall /

The New Jersey Devils seemed destined to make a run at the playoffs this year but it’s what they have potential to do in the following years that’s also impressive.

The New Jersey Devils are a historically great franchise. The success relatively early is rare. Three championships and five conference titles is a resume most sports franchises can only dream of.

The Devils have been around a lot shorter than most too.

So, the Devs’ struggles in recent years are over dramatized by the fans.

They are simply not used to it. It has not been that long compared to most teams.

The team truly spent the last few seasons rebuilding for the first time since its inception.

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They’re rarely bad.

Devs fans have been miserable the last few seasons, I get that, But it will all be worth it.

Yeah, the Devils still have work to do and gaps to fill but who doesn’t? They are still solid.

With the playoff picture so tight this year, guaranteeing playoffs before March is far-fetched. However, the Devils can still get there this year.

A playoff run for the Devs this year would be a blast to watch but it is the future that is even more bright.

Winning the draft lottery is supposed to help really bad teams and franchises get their star or get better.

The Devils’ lucky win in the 2017 Draft Lottery launched them forward. Nico Hischier is going to be a stud.

New Jersey went from a bad team with no potential to a good one with all the potential. Losing Illya Kovalchuck put them back years. It helped force the rebuild.

That is still an odd circumstance.

The Taylor Hall trade might go down as one of the best ever at the rate he is playing. Nico is still really young and promising. Will Butcher might even be better than him.

The New Jersey Devils have a reliable goalie in Cory Schneider but Keith Kinkaid has goalie one potential and is a few years younger. Kinkaid, the home gown guy, has never played more than 30 games in a season he is ready to go.

The Devils have a ton of pieces in the right place for the foreseeable future.

Jesper Bratt, Nico, Hall, Kinkaid, and Butcher is showing potential.

GM Ray Shero has made all the right moves up to this point. He knows how to build a winning team. He has done this all before in Pittsburgh.

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Not many teams have a young but solid defenseman, skilled goal scorer, skilled play generator, two reliable goalies, a Stanley Cup-winning GM, and a coach with a not even fully loaded roster and time to improve.

The Devils have each and every one of those things. The Devils always set themselves up to a high standard.

This franchise is set for future. They are young, fast, and electric. Don’t just look for the Devils to keep shocking people this year, keep looking for them to run deep into seasons for the next few as well.