Buffalo Bills: The Tyrod Taylor drama needs to end now


Since the abysmal offensive performance in the AFC Wild Card the writing on the wall screamed that the Buffalo Bills will move on from Tyrod Taylor, right?

However, it has been reported that Taylor is staying put as a member of the Buffalo Bills for now. Despite the fact that the offense was as bad as it was in the playoff game, he is not being released.

Tyrod Taylor seemingly took the Bills as far as he possibly could in 2017. All season Taylor never looked like a championship winning starting QB.

The 2017 Bills looked like a complete team overall. They did not need to ride Tyrod every game. He just picked a grand stage to choke.

Bu, after a playoff loss, they still need to get better to finally win a championship.

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The way the Bills treated Taylor the last three seasons is not ideal. They always asked him to restructure his contract for less money. They never committed to a long-term deal with him and never gave him “win now” offensive weapons outside of LeSean McCoy until mid last year.

The financial stuff behind not cutting him all makes sense. Make him more expendable if they are not committed to him in terms of monetary value.

The Bills never having Tyrod’s back is fine. By not saying he is the guy is not wrong or the problem here.

The problem is the lack of a plan. If the Bills decided to cut Tyrod like the cards on the table previously showed, who was the backup? Who is going to be QB?

Buffalo is in a situation to get a QB on draft day by perhaps trading their two firsts to move up. They should still be careful if they go all in on draft day with all these other needs.

The QB’s who are free agents when the league year starts are more expensive and not much better than Tyrod.

Aside from the reasons that keeping Tyrod are smart, this drama just needs to end regardless.

The Bills need to share their plan. The draft is far away and they need to enter that night knowing what their needs are.

By saying they won’t cut him is not saying he will be back. They can still trade him.

Benching him in November showed how little this regime values Taylor. This hurts his trade value because teams will not give up that much to get him now knowing how Buffalo feels about him.

That is another problem here.

Tyrod is the most polarizing player on the Bills. He is despised and loved all at the same time. It does not make this news any easier on the fans who just deserve answers.

It is rare that a team coming off a playoff game does not have a concrete answer at QB.

But, it would not be the Buffalo Bills without some kind of drama.

The NFL off-season is a long one. There are plenty of things that have yet to take place.

Not having a QB, or not having faith in a playoff starting QB, is ridiculous.

The Buffalo Bills need to come out and say Tyrod is the guy or that they are looking draft a new QB.

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Slyly having it come out that they won’t cut him is still not committing to him but also not ensuring he is the guy. The Bills do not have many options to weigh here.

Other teams can use a player like Tyrod try a trade. Release him and take the hit. Fully commit to him.

This wishy-washy stuff is getting old.

It needs to end. Embrace whatever your decision is. It has been 18 years since the Bills had an off-season coming off a playoff appearance. This feels like another rebuild somehow.