New York Mets: Mike Moustakas would be a perfect fit in Queens

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 21: Mike Moustakas (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 21: Mike Moustakas (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /

Mike Moustakas would make the perfect free agent choice for the New York Mets.

The New York Mets are going to be in the market for a third baseman. It’s inevitable. I know, David Wright is still working on a comeback. How has that worked out so far? He can’t even get through a rehab schedule without having to shut things down. He has been out a long time now. What realistic chance is there of him coming back at this point?

Even if he were to return, what will that back allow him to do? Wright will have a tough time trying to be the every day third baseman. Making all of the throws and plays, combined with batting four times again will make things nearly impossible. If he were closer to recovery at this point I would say maybe, but at this point it just feels like false hope.

So the reality is that the Mets will be looking for a third baseman. It just so happens that there is a talented one hitting the free agent market. He is in the prime of his career and would be a perfect fit at the “hot corner” in Queens. There are rumors that the Mets are interested.

His name is Mike Moustakas.

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First of all you get a third baseman. That might sound strange, but I mean as opposed to some infielder that has experience at third base. Fans, do we want Asdrubal Cabrera playing third regularly? Of course not, he’s a middle infielder. We want a third baseman playing third base and that is what Moustakas is.

Moustakas is also in the prime of his career, recently turning 29 years of age. With the Mets pitching staff heading towards their arbitration and/or free agent years, the Mets want to win fairly soon. Moustakas has done that (2015) and is prime position to do it.

As far as offensively, he replaces what Jay Bruce brought to the table. Last year was a career year for Moustakas, with 38 home runs and 85 RBI. The team from Queens has lived and died by the long ball of late. Moustakas would fit right in.

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Moustakas is also left-handed, as was Bruce. There are two things about him being left-handed that are advantageous. First is the fact that it works well for the structure of Citi Field. The short porch in right field will suit Moustakas well. Secondly, he balances out Yoenis Cespedes who hits right handed. For years the Mets have looked for left handed power, this could be the guy.

Mike Moustakas should be the guy. He makes the perfect fit in Queens. Go get him Sandy.