New York Mets: Five Predictions for the 2nd half of the season


The New York Mets are in a better place in the standings than many people predicted at the beginning of the season. Will that success continue? Check out our predictions for the second half of the season.

With the 2nd half of the season underway tonight. They enter only two games out of 1st place. Will they make the playoffs this season? Will David Wright play again this season?

Here are five predictions I have for the second half of the New York Mets season.

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  1. David Wright will not return this season.

As New York Mets fans know, David Wright has been battling injuries this whole season. He has appeared in only eight games, which I predict will be all that he plays this season. His back injury is severe, and by the time he is cleared to play and goes through rehab and minor league games, this season will be close to finished.

  1. Terry Collins will finish the season as Met’s manager.

With the Mets only two games out of first, there will be more attention paid to them in the second half of the season than in past seasons. With more attention comes more scrutiny about all the manager’s moves. A lot of second-guessing occurs in the tight pennant races. I predict Terry Collins will feel more pressure and be second guessed more in the second half of the season than he has since becoming manager of the team. Fans may call for his firing if his decisions backfire. I think he will finish off the season as the Mets manager. If they don’t make the playoffs it will be due to their offense, not his moves.

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  1. Jenrry Meija will be a force 2nd half of the season

Coming back from a PED suspension, I predict Meija will be a force out of the bullpen. He performed well last year as he took on the role of closer. With less innings under his arm (due to the suspension) than he normally would’ve had, I think he will develop into the Mets’ 8th inning set up man.

  1. The Mets will not make any trades by the trading deadline.

Everyone is wondering what direction Mets’ GM Sandy Alderson is going to take as the trading deadline approaches. Will he trade some prospects to make a push for the playoffs this year, or stay put as the team continues to develop prospects in the minors (i.e. Michael Conforto and Brando Nimmo)? My prediction is he will stay put. If he was going to make a move I believe he would’ve done it by now. The Mets are only two games out of first place with injuries to Travis d’Arnaud, Michael Cuddyer, Daniel Murphy and the aforementioned David Wright. He will probably risk banking on their returns being enough to push them into the playoffs rather than trading away good, young, cheap prospects.

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5. Close, but still no playoffs for the Mets this season.

I hope I’m wrong on this one, but I don’t see it happening this year. I predict it will be close, but the plethora of injuries and inconsistency on offense will keep them out of October one more season.

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