New York Knicks need to trust the Zen Master Phil Jackson


It’s obvious that New York Knicks fans are frustrated at this point. When Phil Jackson came to the Knicks’ front office it seemed there was finally a light at the end of what seemed to be an everlasting tunnel.

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The man who holds 13 rings in total, (two as a Knicks player himself) made some moves that had spectators question his direction early. As his first big move as Knicks’ President he made Derek Fisher who played for Phil, the new head coach. The move was surprising to many people, Fisher included.

A lot of people were unsure about the transition of a player directly to coach after playing the previous year, Jason Kidd, a prime example of going from playing with the Knicks to coaching the Brooklyn Nets the very next season. Fans and spectators uncertainty was valid as the Knicks had their worst season in franchise history last year. Jackson has assured the people of New York that Fisher is the man for the job and can get it done effectively.

Coming into the offseason, Jackson admitted that the well needed reconstruction of the Knicks will not come from the draft, rather a shopping spree in free agency is where the Knicks will find the proper ingredients for a recipe of resilience. That being known the draft this year in many people’s eyes was a bust. The fans of New York literally booed as their first-round pick from Latvia, Kristaps Porzingis was selected fourth overall.

A lot of things are unsure for the Knicks. Some things that remain unclear is why does Phil call himself the Zen Master? Also, no one actually knows what the triangle offense really is, as everyone has their own version. What is certain about the triangle offense is you need three parts, kind of like a triangle. You need a person that can score; they have that with Carmelo Anthony. A point guard that can create space and facilitate the ball is crucial to the development of the triangle, although a point guard has been the vacant spot for the Knicks for some time. It seems they may have an answer with newly drafted Jerian Grant, son of the old timer Harvey Grant.

The final piece to the puzzle or point to the triangle will be a big man, with the top five free agents available being forwards and centers. It’s now up to the Zen Master to keep his promise about diving into free agency.

The New York faithful is running out of patience, it’s time for Jackson and the Knicks to run out of excuses.

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