New York Knicks Fall to Eighth After NBA Draft Lottery

Once again the New York Knicks had high hopes entering the NBA Draft Lottery, and once again they are sent home wondering what could’ve been.

After the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery, New York Knicks fans weren’t sure if their luck could get much worse, but in 2020 they are left with yet another year of unfortunate luck. The Knicks had the sixth-worst winning percentage in the NBA in 2019-20 but fell to the eighth overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

New York had the sixth-best odds of getting the top pick, sitting with a 9.0% chance of getting the pick, but instead, it was the Minnesota Timberwolves who were tied for the best odds with a 14.0% chance of getting the top pick.

While the Knicks got the eighth pick, the Hornets and Bulls both jumped them and wound up with the third and fourth picks respectively, despite having a 6.7% and 8.5% chance of getting said picks.

With that, the New York Knicks were left wondering what could have been, should they have gotten a better pick, had they not fallen beyond where they were projected. The question is; what now, what players will be available when the Knicks are on the clock with the eighth overall pick?

Players such as Devin Vassell, Tyrese Maxey, Patrick Williams, Isaac Okoro, Aleksej Pokuševski, Cole Anthony, and several others come to mind when thinking of talent that could be available in the later stages of the top-ten.

The Knicks need players who can complement RJ Barrett, and Mitchell Robinson’s talent, and some of these players could do just that. It is obvious that Barrett and Robinson are the Knicks two best players, and in the 2020 Draft, they should be looking for players who could potentially help them improve upon their .318 winning percentage from 2019-20.

Despite having a later pick than they might’ve liked, the Knicks have a serious chance to make their team better. With a lot of talent at the back half of the top-ten, the Knicks could get the perfect player to complement the likes of RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson.