New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez Comeback Player of the Year?


Disclaimer: There will be no steroid puns, jokes, or snarky comments today. If you are expecting a lot of “Alex was a real shot in the arm for this team” references and knee-slappers, continue on. For the first time in years, Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees deserves some respect and some kind words.

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Just a year ago he was baseball’s villain, another drug scandal and an embarrassing suspension that was followed by threats of lawsuits and attempted lawsuits against Major League Baseball and the Yankees. After his appeal reduced his suspension to 162 games many thought that would be the end of Rodriguez. No one, including me, was routing for a return. I personally wanted the Yankees to be free of that horrible contract that would no doubt constrict the Yankees further spending. Many never wanted to see him play again because he was branded a “cheater” again. No one wanted to see Rodriguez back on a baseball diamond.

Yet, at 39-years-old, A-Rod showed up and passed all his physicals and began practicing to the dismay of baseball fans everywhere. The soon to be 40-year-old then did something no one was expecting. He stopped being a distraction and started being the baseball player he was 5 years ago. He has shown an interest in games that I haven’t seen from him in years. He isn’t screwing around in the clubhouse or hitting on hot girls in the stands, he is watching the game. He is acting like a fan. Alex Rodriguez has turned his story around from villain to a redemption story.

Currently Rodriguez has a .286 batting average, his highest since 2009. With 15 homers, he could be on track to hit close to 30 by year’s end. Alex Rodriguez should not only be in the conversation for Comeback Player of the Year, he should also win it. Yes Albert Pujols is having a great year too. Pujols has had an incredible resurgence as well hitting 23 homers on the year. However, Pujols did not come back after a year away from the game. He also has a better lineup around him then A-Rod does. Rodriguez came into this year cold and heated up quick and has yet to really cool off.

Rodriguez, once hated by many, has found a new group of people happy to see him do well. Not just the Yankee fans who are finally happy to see him do what he is paid to do, but baseball fans in general who realize this is the guy that didn’t need the steroids. He was the next “phenom.” This is Alex Rodriguez being who Alex Rodriguez was supposed to be: A-Rod not A-Roid. This is a redemption story for the ages. A true turnaround. His play and the perception surrounding him have done a complete 180. There isn’t another player in baseball more deserving of Comeback Player of the Year.

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