Alex Rodriguez is doing his job for the New York Yankees


Coming into this season, all eyes were and still are on Alex Rodriguez, in a bad way.

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A player who has become the villain of baseball is the quiet hero of the New York Yankees season so far. We knew the Yankees had a lot of questions to answer, however the resurgence of the Yankees due to A-Rod’s performance cannot be questioned.

The rest of the Yanks see this man who had to face a year suspension for admitting to a crime that oddly enough hasn’t been proven that he fully committed, however he did his time just to get the additional hecklers off of his back, and yet he can’t shake all of them.

A-Rod was told he would be a designated hitter; the thought of him playing the field let alone starting was a mere after thought. Skipper Joe Girardi did say he will have to earn his spot back, he will not be given any special treatment for his name or past accomplishments, enhanced or not, his resume is no joke.

Alex Rodriguez gets a bad rap for being cocky or pompous, but quite frankly he has epitomized the term humble.  Knowing he has a well sanctioned resume and an ability to smash a baseball, he didn’t feel entitled to be handed a starting spot nor would he want to. He simply said he would work his way to earn his spot back on the field, the pinstripes on his jersey and most importantly, the respect of baseball fans, which has been depleted by many.

Recently A-Rod has joined a club that puts him in the mix with the greats, the 3,000 hit club. The problem is a lot of people can’t accept all of those hits are clean so many feel this accomplishment will always have an asterisk next to it, but those are probably the ones that aren’t or weren’t a fan of the newest Mr. 3000 from the get go.  Maybe he will have to hit 6,000 hits just to quiet the haters or those doubting him.

As we live in a sports world where a single NBA player can control the league based on what he wants or in the NFL where a big name quarterback can actually alter the game my deflating footballs and only gets a slap on the wrist.

Rodriguez allegedly did a crime, he paid his time. Let the man do his job, last year we paid our respect to Derek Jeter for his departure, now it is time to give A-Rod forgiveness for his valiant return.

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