New York Giants: Is Odell Beckham Jr. Hamstring Injury Serious?


Are The New York Giants Heading Towards Another Offseason Absent Of Odell Beckham Jr.?

The 2014 season was not a good one for the New York Giants, as they struggled to a 6-10 record. Injuries derailed the team almost from the start, and there wasn’t many things to get excited about. One bright spot though was the play of rookie Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who quickly became a household name and phenom with his play. But, he missed all of training camp, preseason and the first four games of the season due to hamstring woes. Again, Beckham Jr. is dealing with a hamstring injury; is this one as serious as the one last year?

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When Beckham was injured last season, the Giants knew it was something serious. He was never a part of team activities, and when he attempted to he re-injured himself. They proceeded with caution then, which resulted in the extended time away from the team. The Giants should take the same approach this season, just from the start and he should be okay for when things count.

While Beckham and the Giants are both saying that he is only day-to-day, there is a chance that he is out until training camp later in the summer. Currently he is dealing with what is being called tightness in his left hamstring. There is no reason to push him with tightness in his hamstring in June and jeopardize his availability for the regular season as the Giants have enough to worry about with Victor Cruz rehabbing from his patellar tendon surgery; the Giants cannot afford to lose Beckham Jr. as well.

Holding Beckham Jr. out is a move that will make fans nervous watching from the outside, but it is the smart decision. Cound Eli Manning as one of the people who understand the decision for him to sit out, saying, “I think he’s just trying to be smart and doesn’t want to push this thing any further than he has to. After what we went through last year, we don’t want him missing training camp or any games next season.”

While he has not been taking part in team activities, Beckham Jr. has at least been able to participate on a limited basis. He was able to do individual drills on the side, so he was at least getting some work in. Also, this is not the same hamstring woes that bothered him last season, so that is one encouraging sign for the Giants is that this isn’t a recurring issue and something that should pass relatively soon.

While plenty of players take it easy during this time of the offseason as they recover from aches and pains, players with the profile of Beckham Jr. are going to be under the microscope a little more. Also, after being named the cover athlete for Madden this season will cause some people to say that he is falling victim to the curse, but many of these issues will be gone by the time training camp comes along. The Giants are hoping the same thing happens for Beckham Jr., who said that what he is dealing with is just typical soreness and that he could practice right now, he is just using caution as things have yet to really get going on the NFL schedule.

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