New York Knicks: Draft Pick Doesn’t Matter To Phil Jackson


The New York Knicks are used to being at the bottom. It’s a change of pace when the Knicks are mentioned atop of the draft list. The Knickerbockers have been chosen to take the number four pick in this year’s draft. Who they pick in the draft is irrelevant.

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If you guys remember Phil Jackson said the rebuild of the Knicks will come from free agency and not those coming from college. In all honesty the Knicks could use everybody and anybody else.  There are plenty of players that Knicks fans dream about coming to New York,  LeBron James was a fan favorite rumor during his last year in his first term in Cleveland. However there are some players that are not that out of reach for them to end up in New York. After all basketball contracts mean nothing and a player can be traded at any point.

Back when Stephon Marbury found out he was becoming a Knick, he was awoken at 3am in his hotel room, anybody can go anywhere at any time. Even if that may not be the case every time, one can hope especially the Knicks and their fans, who need hope.

LaMarcus Aldridge has told the Portland Trail Blazers he isn’t going to sign an extension this year at least he doesn’t plan to.  The All-Star power forward would be a good addition in full. He would specifically fit well in the triangle offense, once they get it right.

Another name that has been tossed around is Marc Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies. Another big man who can shoot, the Knicks have the bank roll to afford both Aldridge and Gasol is maneuvered wisely.

There is no doubt the Knicks need a point guard, it’s the quarterback of the offense and the Knicks have yet to find one they can claim as their household point guard.   Chris Paul was a dream for New York at one point when things went south for him and New Orleans. His in ability to reach to conference finals may make it too hot for him in Los Angeles. Not saying it’s likely, but why not.

Kevin Durant has one year left, and it doesn’t seem he will stay in Oklahoma City. Even though it is rumored he wants to play for his home town in D.C, it is probably true. Knicks fans can only hope he defies his hometown like LeBron did to Cleveland, except this time the Knicks actually get the superstar.

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