New York Giants, New York Jets Finish In Top Half Of Uni Watch Power Rankings


New York Giants and New York Jets Both Finish In Top Half Of Uni Watch Jersey NFL Power Rankings

The NFL calendar is at a bit of a crossroads. With free agency essentially over, the NFL Draft and subsequent undrafted free agent scramble behind us, it is a bit of a slow time for fans of the NFL. So, why not make some power rankings?

Not power rankings that fans are eager to see every Tuesday to see where their favorite team ranks for the week, but instead jersey power rankings? Everyone, even people who don’t watch games, has an opinion on what teams are wearing. Fortunately, the people at Uni Watch have the perfect thing for you, as they released their newest NFL Power Rankings, as they rank every team’s jersey from first to worst.

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There are a number of things that went into making these power rankings, which can be found here, along with the full list.

For the New York Giants and New York Jets, both teams fared rather well, as both teams come in this season in the top half of the power rankings, as the Giants moved up three spots to No. 12, while the Jets took a little bit of a tumble, but still stayed in the top half at No. 14.

First, let’s start off with the Giants. Here is what Paul Lukas had to say about Big Blue:

"The gray pants still feel too drab, and it still makes no sense for a team whose main color is blue to have such a red-centric road uniform (a more detailed argument on this point can be found here). But the white alternate pants are a big improvement. At the very least, let’s see those pants rolled out for more games this season. Even better, let’s make them the team’s primary pants."

He hit this one on the head. First off, I couldn’t agree more about the white pants. Anything white makes other colors pop, and with the solid blue jerseys the Giants wear at home, it works masterfully.

Next, as mentioned above, the Giants are known to many as ‘Big Blue’ but you wouldn’t know it looking at their road uniforms, where the only blue can be found on their helmet and a stripe going up their pants. That is my biggest gripe with any of their jerseys as well, as it used to be their battle red alternate jerseys they thankfully retired.

Personally, if the Giants were going to change their road jerseys, a design more reminiscent of when Lawrence Taylor was terrorizing quarterbacks,  or the ones Michael Strahan had worn right before Eli Manning came to town.

As for their home jerseys, the old saying don’t change it if it’s not broke comes into play. The solid blue has been a mainstay for a long time, and is something that shouldn’t change. The solid blue fits what the Giants represent perfectly, as it does not have the flash and hype of some of the newer designed jerseys and just gets the job done. Most importantly, the dominant color is blue, which should be the norm for everything the Giants wear.

Now, onto the Jets. Here is what Lukas had to say about them:

"Not a terrible-looking team, but one that’s more than ready for a makeover. The Namath-era look no longer works and the franchise has felt dysfunctional on multiple levels for years now, so a visual reboot would be a good place to start. OK, Nike — get crackin’. (And while we’re waiting for that, would it kill them to come out with a New York Sack Exchange throwback? That’s long overdue.)"

Personally, I think the Jets have one of the uglier jerseys in the NFL. The forest green just doesn’t do it for me, which could have something to do with my dislike for the Boston Celtics, who are also predominantly green. Their green just doesn’t do it for me.

Their predominantly white jerseys that are highlighted with green are strong, but when green is the dominant color is when it gets ugly. The green dominant jersey matched with green pants that have the white piping is tough to look at.

The logo that he mentions with the New York Sack Exchange is nicer looking as well, and that green doesn’t look as bad as the current green does. But with a team name like the Jets, there is plenty of color combinations they could go to, and like Lukas mentions, maybe it is time for a full fledged reboot when it comes to their jerseys.

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