New York Knicks: Is Frank Kaminsky an option?


The New York Knicks will be hoping for good luck when the NBA Draft Lottery takes place on Tuesday night after their poor season.

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With a high chance of having one of the top picks in the NBA Draft, the Knicks are going to be linked to freshman stars Jahlil Okafor and Karl-Anthony Towns. If the Knicks are in the Top-2, it would be nearly impossible to pass on either player.

There is also the chance that the Knicks fall to as low as fifth in the NBA Draft, and that could lead to Knicks moving down.

One player that could be great for the Knicks’ system is the Naismith Player of the Year Frank Kaminsky.

Kaminsky was one of the best players in all of college basketball last season, and went toe-to-toe with Okafor and Towns in the Final Four. In his senior season, Kaminsky was not only named the best player in the country, but he also helped ruin Kentucky’s undefeated season.

“It doesn’t really bother me,’’ Kaminsky said of hype surrounding Okafor and Towns to Marc Berman of the New York Post. “Obviously they’re great basketball players and [with the] potential to be very, very good. Where I get drafted, I’ll make the most of it, but you always want to best your competition in anything, be named the winner and be on top of everyone when it’s all said and done.’’

In his senior season, Kaminsky averaged 18.8 points, 8.2 rebounds, 2.6 assists, and 1.5 blocks per game. His shooting numbers were outstanding for a center, as he shot 58.1% from the field, 41.6% from three-point range, and 78% from the free-throw line.

Despite a great senior season, Kaminsky will likely not be a Top-5 pick where the Knicks are guaranteed to be in. If the Knicks don’t get one of the top two picks however, the possibility of trading down is there.

Even though the Knicks had a dreadful season last year, they will have Carmelo Anthony back for the start of next season. Most teams drafting where the Knicks likely will be don’t have a star like Anthony, which makes them intriguing to rookies. The Knicks’ triangle offense also looks to be a perfect fit for a big-man like Kaminsky who can shoot.

Apr 6, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Duke Blue Devils center Jahlil Okafor (15) drives against Wisconsin Badgers forward Frank Kaminsky (44) in the second half in the 2015 NCAA Men

“I know they run the triangle and I think I can do well in that system,’’ Kaminsky said of the Knicks to Berman. “But the organization has to make the decision, not me. New York is a great place, storied history. I wouldn’t mind it at all. Carmelo Anthony is obviously one of the superstars — one of the best in my generation. To play alongside him would be a cool thing.’’

There are concerns about how Kaminsky will translate to the NBA. He does need to put on some weight and get stronger to play down low. His lateral quickness also could improve, as sometimes he is slow moving from side-to-side.

Despite some weakness, Kaminsky could be a dynamic offensive talent with his ability to handle the ball and score from anywhere on the court.

Tuesday will be a very important day for the Knicks, as the NBA Draft Lottery could make or break their offseason plan. If the lottery doesn’t go the Knicks way, trading down in the draft to select the Naismith Player of the Year isn’t a bad backup plan.

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