New York Knicks Rumors: Jose Calderon Out For Remainder Of Season?


New York Knicks Rumors: Will Jose Calderon Sit The Remainder Of The Season?

Good news has been hard to come by for the New York Knicks this season, as they are in the process of finishing up the worst season in franchise history. That bad news continued this weekend, as Derek Fisher said that he does not believe Jose Calderon will be returning this season. This doesn’t come as a surprise for any fans, as Calderon hasn’t suited up for the team since February 25th because of an Achilles injury.

He said that he wasn’t shutting it down for the season, but there was very little incentive for him to come back and play this season. Also, it would be a disservice for what the Knicks are doing right now on the court, as they are growing and evaluating younger talent to see if there are any players worth keeping as pieces of the future.

Allowing Calderon to heal up and come back strong for the summer is the best course of action for the Knicks. They are more than likely stuck with him unless they get creative this summer in trying to move him in a trade.

Calderon was the main piece in the package back from the Dallas Mavericks that resulted in Tyson Chandler’s exit from the Big Apple. He looked to be a perfect fit for the Triangle Offense that Fisher was planning to run, as he is a deadly shooter from the perimeter, and rarely turned the ball over. He would be a perfect compliment next to Carmelo Anthony, as his ability to spread the court would allow Anthony to do his work with defenses less able to double-team him.

That all sounds good, but it never materialized. Calderon began the season the same way he will end it; sidelined. The chemistry was never built in the preseason, and the Knicks never gained any traction as the season has pretty much been a disaster since they won the second and third games in the season consecutively.

Calderon struggled throughout the season, as he battled nagging injuries throughout. The injuries and constant roster turnover definitely didn’t help, but Calderon wasn’t playing well more often than not. The 33-year old point guard saw a drastic dip in his efficiency, as he had his lowest shooting percentage in a season at 41.5 percent. He will also set a career-low in games played, as the 42 he will have played in his first season with the Knicks is even lower than the amount of games he played in the 2011-2012 lockout shortened season.

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The impact that Calderon had this season is nowhere near the level the Knicks had expected from the veteran. Could his age finally be catching up to him? The Knicks surely hope not, as it will be difficult to move the two-years remaining on his contract after the season he just had. The Knicks will have to hope he returns to the form he showed with the Mavericks prior to joining the Knicks, or it could be yet another long season on the perimeter in Gotham City during the 2015-16 season.

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