New York Jets: Should They Trade for San Diego Chargers’ Quarterback Philip Rivers?


Let’s take a trip to Pretendland, April 30th 2015. The New York Jets are sitting near the top of the first round. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have taken Jameis Winston, the Titans have selected Leonard Williams, and somehow, Marcus Mariota has fallen to the number sixth pick.

Back to present day. There has been plenty of speculation by many members of the media that the San Diego Chargers could be interested in moving up in the draft to select Mariota. Recently, Philip Rivers has stated he would like to finish out his contract before discussing an extension. This, along with a private workout between Mariota and the Chargers, has fueled speculation further to suggest that Rivers could be the trade chip that is played to move up.

Currently it is being suggested that Rivers to the Titans is the most likely scenario.

So it sounds like, if it were to happen at all, the Titans would be the most likely landing spot for Rivers as of right now. Which is bummer, but anything can happen.

Back in Pretendland where Marcus Mariota sits at 6th. Do the Jets Trade for Philip Rivers? First, lets take a look at the pros and cons of this move.


1) Statistically Rivers would be the best quarterback this team has seen in years, maybe decades.

2.) He has weapons on offense that could make this team a legit Super Bowl contender.

3.) He is only 33-years-old, and should still have a lot of football left in him.

4.) This allows the Jets to be choosey when it comes to who they can pick to be the successor. They aren’t forced into “finding the franchise quarterback right now. The Front Office buys themselves some time.

5.) He provides even more of a reason for fans to be excited about this years team.


1.) The Price. (Yes, it would probably be worth it, but….) This year’s first-round pick maybe next year’s second? And a third? I don’t know what it would cost, but it won’t be cheap. Franchise quarterbacks aren’t available via trade often, and when they are they aren’t cheap. However, Rivers’ contract being up would surely dampen his value. Which brings us to my next point.

2.) Its his contract year. Theoretically the Jets can trade a first this year and a first next year, get Rivers, and then he leave for nothing at the end of the season. Granted this rarely happens in the NFL, but it’s still a possibility and something to be concerned about.

3.) The Offensive line. While Rivers is not injury prone or old, 33 is not young either. The state of the O-line is average at best. While Nick Mangold is still a top Center, D’Brickashaw Ferguson is starting to head to decline, the guard spot is a question mark, and Breno Giacomini is just not all that good. This is concerning for a 33-year-old Quarterback. Does the coaching staff have enough confidence in this O-line? Or this offensive scheme that it can protect him? If they do it isn’t a con, but if they don’t have faith Rivers will be protected it may not be worth the risk.

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I would go for it for several reasons. First, it makes this team better now and in the long run. It makes them a Super Bowl contender, something the Jets haven’t been since the 2010-2011 season. Second, it provides you with a proven quarterback in the present, not Mariota who is all potential, not Geno Smith who is a wildcard, and not Ryan Fitzpatrick who is “safe.” Third, it buys the front office time in more ways than one. Will anyone really blame them for trading for Rivers if it doesn’t work out? Maybe, but they will take less heat than if they don’t trade for him and he does well else where. It also provides them time to bring their own quarterback of the future in, be it this year or in the next few, without having to rush him to start. It allows him to be groomed into the position, a luxury rarely afforded to young quarterbacks today.

If Pretendland becomes a reality and they Jets CAN swing a trade for Rivers, I think they NEED to swing a trade for Rivers.

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