New York Jets: First-Round Options in 2015 NFL Draft

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Option 1: Quarterback

Early indications are that Jameis Winston will go first overall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While there are some rumblings of Washington or Tennessee taking Mariota, we are going to operate under the assumption that he is on the board when the Jets pick.

Many will argue that he needs to be the selection if he is on the board. While I understand the need and a want for a franchise quarterback, I am not sure that is what Mariota is. He is no sure thing. This is not the next Andrew Luck or even Robert Griffin III. Coming out of college RG3 was seen as a franchise, can’t miss prospect. Hindsight may prove this to be incorrect, but nonetheless Mariota is not at all what RG3 was supposed to be.

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Mariota has all the physical tools to be a gifted quarterback in the NFL. Also, to be drafted to a team that has Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, and Jace Amaro on it can only help his development. If general manager, head coach, and scouting department believe in him, go for it. However, this is not something we should do if the room is 50/50. Next year’s quarterback class is supposed to be much more talented and there is no reason for this administration to tie themselves to a quarterback so early when there are other positions to address.

Call me crazy, and many think I am, but I am not ready to give up on Geno Smith either. This season should be his last shot, but I think he can make the most of it. He will have a system that he is more familiar with and hopefully this year he will have a staff that can actually develop offensive talent. Offensive players never got better in the six seasons Rex Ryan was the head coach. Maybe this is the year Smith’s potential is finally tapped.

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