Byron Maxwell is no longer an option for New York Jets


The New York Jets have entered the 2015 offseason with the same need as they did in 2014; they need to upgrade at the cornerback position.

One of the best free agents available at cornerback was Byron Maxwell of the Seattle Seahawks, but he will no longer be an option for the Jets, as he will be signing a lucrative contract to join the Philadelphia Eagles.

Maxwell’s contract is a big one, and with $25 million guaranteed, the Jets may have done the wise thing to not overpay just because there is a need.

Last season with the Seahawks, Maxwell played in 13 games, and had two interceptions as part of the No.1 defense in football. Maxwell would draw opponent’s No.1 wide receivers often, as the Seahawks’ defense kept Maxwell and Richard Sherman on one side of the field no matter what.

The sample size for Maxwell isn’t huge, as he was really only a factor on the Seahawks for two seasons despite being in the NFL for four years. With the success of the Seahawks, they have started to lose players via free agency, and Maxwell is the latest to benefit from success in Seattle.

Now the Jets will have to continue pursue other options at cornerback with Maxwell not being available anymore. There is a lot of hope that a reunion between the Jets and either Antonio Cromartie or ideally Darrelle Revis will be a possibility.

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More than likely Revis is going to be staying with the Patriots, as they have a mutual liking for him staying in New England. Cromartie now with Maxwell going to Philadelphia seems like the most likely option for the Jets.

Cromartie was arguably better than Maxwell last season, as he made the Pro Bowl, and for salary cap purposes will be a lot cheaper than the $50+ million that Maxwell has gotten. Cromartie has made the Pro Bowl in three straight seasons, and has six straight years of three or more interceptions in a season.

The Jets getting rid of Cromartie in 2014 was obviously a mistake, but it can be rectified by bringing him back this offseason. Cromartie played with the Jets’ new head coach Todd Bowles with the Arizona Cardinals last season, so there is familiarity there already.

With Maxwell signing with the Eagles, Cromartie becomes in more the most likely option for the Jets at cornerback this offseason. General Manager Mike Maccagnan can’t go through this offseason without upgrading at cornerback, so look for them to be extremely aggressive in bringing back Cromartie.

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