Can New York Giants’ New Offense Soar over Philly?


As the New York Giants march down into Philadelphia, Head Coach Tom Coughlin understands that this will be the hardest game of the season so far. “…We’re looking at an opportunity to play a team that has been as big a rival as anyone we’ve played in the years since I have been here, with so many incredible games,” said Coughlin in an interview with New York broadcaster Bob Papa.

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With the new offense of the Giants and the new coach, quarterback combination for the Eagles, it will be an explosive game. But to defeat the Eagles, the Giants have to ask themselves: Is their offense good enough to win?

First, lets take a look at the the new Giants’ offense. According to ESPN, the Giants are ranked 14th in the NFL for total accumulated yards with  1743 (1118 passing). That is 344.6 yards per game average, with 223.6 passing yards per game, also on average.

Since Ben McAdoo joined Big Blue, New York has traded their familiar East Coast smash-mouth style, to a West Coast change of pace. For years, the Giants always had a powerful ‘back in Brandon Jacobs along with an elite offensive line that was able to suppress whatever defensive line they were opposing creating blocks and openings that were great for crucial third down gains.

However, due to the weakness of the new offensive line, and Eli Manning‘s swollen ankle that makes him even less mobile than normal, McAdoo has him releasing the ball much quicker, creating screens and short dink-and-dunk plays. Receivers Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle and the newly activated Odell Beckham Jr. need to come out hungry and use their blistering speed to fly by past that Eagles’ secondary.

Speaking of which, the Eagles’ defense should pose little threat. They are ranked 28th in the league for defending against the pass and the rush. As long as Manning does not get sloppy and throw interceptions and or fumble the ball, the Giants should be able to score big against the Eagles.

The best chance to score  will be in the running game. Because of the deep threats in Cruz and Beckham Jr., the defense wouldn’t dare try to blitz that often, instead running something of a 3:4. With the Eagles defensive line not being in top shape, Giants’ running back Andre Williams should be able to pound his way through for some good yards. The Giants will be missing Rashad Jennings, but with some intense training this week along with some great coaching, Andre Williams should be able to get the job done.

We can also expect some great plays from Cruz, Randle and Beckham Jr., and that goes double for Manning. As long as the defense plays as well as the offense, we can expect the Giants to pose a new threat to a very competitive NFC East.