The Sack-Machine: New York Giants’ New Generation of Quarterback Killers


What good is an offense without their quarterback? The New York Giants have proven that in order to break the will of their opponent, you have to break their quarterback. And introducing the quarterback to the turf is something that the Giants take pride in.

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The Giants didn’t earn the title “Big Blue Wrecking Crew” for just tickling the opposing offensive line. In the 1980’s they would break down that line to the point where every snap was a war, and every quarterback took a collective sigh of relief for avoiding a thunderous sack.

From the legendary defensive unit of Lawrence Taylor, Leonard Marshall and Jim Burt to the new legend of Michael Strahan and recent players Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, Jason Pierre-Paul and Mathias Kiwanuka that mission has always been the same: to break the quarterback. We did lose Tuck and Umenyiora to the Raiders and Falcons, and Strahan to his retirement and induction into the Hall of Fame. Because of this, the line has suffered more changes than we would have liked.

Currently, the D-line doesn’t appear as threatening as it did in 2008 and onward. Not to say it’s not good, but with the exception of Jason Pierre-Paul, few of the players had breakout games. JPP  had a lot to live up to when the Giants drafted him five years ago from South Florida. He is incredibly fast, and flies off the line similar to how Umenyiora did. However, JPP has had some problems staying healthy, battling a frustrating neck injury. Last season he only accumulated two sacks, which is way less than someone with his skill is capable of. However, he has come out to say that he has been feeling great and is practicing regularly.

Mathias Kiwanuka has been consistent over the years and can switch between linebacker and defensive end, but he is now 31 and may soon start to feel his age. Jordan Stanton, Kerry Wynn and Jay Bromley are all rookies that are charged with bringing that New York Giants’ pressure. As of right now, Stanton leads the team with two sacks, and Wynn has one as well. Damontre Moore also looked impressive, supporting the line in both preseason games with pure power, and managed to squeeze in a sack.

We don’t know what they are truly capable of yet, but as long as they are healthy I believe that defensive coordinator Perry Fewell can shape them into a solid unit.

To be honest, I think this will be a humbling year for the D-line. I don’t believe that they won’t do their job, but when you have guys with little experience going against linemen facing their fifth plus years, a sack becomes pretty rare. Luckily there is more to a D-line then just sacks.

The Giants have always been good at providing pressure, if not a sack. As long as they can make the quarterback feel uncomfortable, they are already inside his head, and that can lead to many mistakes.

Who knows? They could surprise us all and have a breakout season. Either way, it’s fun to watch rookies get their shots in the NFL, and especially rookies who come out to play with a chip on their shoulder.