Yohan Ramirez, Carlos Mendoza Suspended After Rhys Hoskins Incident

The New York Mets and the Milwaukee Brewers are having an eventful series thanks to Rhys Hoskins' antics.

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Rhys Hoskins may have changed uniforms this winter, signing with the Milwaukee Brewers, but he continues to be the nemesis for the New York Mets. The MLB regular season only started a few days ago and he has already managed to cause plenty of drama in Citi Field.

On Friday, Hoskins slid hard into second baseman Jeff McNeil, causing the benches to clear. The new Brewers' slugger then delivered a very strong performance on Saturday, hitting a two-run homer. He continued with a taunting celebration in the dugout, which was understandably not received well by the Mets.

Then, things really got out of hand. The Mets reliever Yohan Ramirez was ejected after throwing the ball behind Hoskins.

Mets News: Yohan Ramirez, Carlos Mendoza Suspended

On Sunday, MLB announced suspensions for both Ramirez and Mets manager Carlos Mendoza, according to Anthony DiComo of MLB.com.

Mendoza, who said the pitch was obviously unintentional after the game, will serve a one-game suspension on Sunday.

Ramirez, whose pitch was somehow ruled intentional by the league, will appeal his three-game suspension. He will continue playing until a hearing is held.

Whether it was intentional or not, the pitch clearly indicates that there is a new rivalry forming between the two teams. The Mets will look to get one on the Brewers as they close out the series on Sunday.

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