With Gerrit Cole Coming Back, What Tough Decision Will Aaron Boone Make?

Since Gerrit Cole has been out, the rotation has been on fire. Now that Gerrit Cole is on the way back, Aaron Boone has a tough decision on who to move to make room for Cole.
Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees
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1. Should the Yankees Go to A Six-Man Rotation?

The Yankees have not used a true six-man rotation in a while. Using six starters is somewhat rare, but not impossible. With how each pitcher has been playing, it would be hard to take one out while they are contributing well.

Having a six-man rotation can help with the inning limits for the season. This would help push for longevity. A six-man rotation gives depth, but the longer rest can hinder the consistency. Some pitchers can adapt well to longer rest days, but some pitchers can struggle with them. The most important thing would be that all the pitchers could stay healthy. 

Although the Yankees seem to be more of a traditional team and would likely remain with five pitchers, it shouldn’t be a surprise if their analytics show that having six pitchers would be beneficial for them. There could be a possibility that having six starters can ease Gerrit Cole back into the rotation.

They will most likely limit Cole when returns, so moving to a sixth-man rotation would give Cole some rest for Cole until he is truly comfortable with giving the Yankees longevity. Although Gil has been sensational since his return from Tommy John Surgery, this can ensure that he won’t get hurt through the season.