Steph Curry vs. Sabrina Ionescu 3-Point Shootout: Everything You Need to Know

The game's two greatest shooters are going head-to-head in an unparalleled three-point contest at the NBA All-Star Weekend.

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We are about to witness one of the most fascinating NBA All-Star Weekend events ever. Two of the game's greatest shooters, one in the NBA and the other in the WNBA are going head-to-head as part of the NBA All-Star festivities in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In the contest that will be televised by TNT starting at 8 pm ET on Saturday night, the Golden State Warriors legend Steph Curry will go shot-for-shot against the New York Liberty's two-time All-Star Sabrina Ionescu.

Format & Rules

Steph Curry vs. Sabrina Ionescu three-point shootout contest will have the same format as a traditional NBA and WNBA 3-point contest.

Both players will have 70 seconds to shoot as many of the 27 basketballs as they can. There will be five ball racks with five balls each. One rack will be a "money ball" rack where each basket counts as two. Players can decide on where they want to place this rack out of five spots around the arc.

In addition to 25 shots in five racks, there will be two deep-range shots between racks. These will be worth 3 points each.

Curry will shoot from the NBA 3-point line and Ionescu can choose whether to shoot from the WNBA or NBA line. However, Ionescu said he wants to shoot from the NBA line as she regularly practices from that range to be "a better shooter and a better basketball player" anyway.

Sabrina vs. Steph 3-Point Shootout History

Steph Curry is the undisputed greatest shooter in NBA history. He is the all-time 3-point leader, having made 3640 threes in his career with a shooting percentage of 42.7%.

Curry has previously won the 3-point shootout at the NBA All-Star weekend twice, in 2015 and 2021. In 2015, he hit a total score of 27 out of the max 34, and in 2021, he scored 28 out of 40 to win it. He holds the record of 31 points in a round in NBA 3-point shootout history.

However, Steph's record pales in comparison next to Sabrina Ionescu's unparalleled shooting performance at the 2023 WNBA All-Star Games in Las Vegas.

The 26-year-old guard scored a total of 37 points out of 40 in the competition, making 25 out of 27 shots and even hitting 20 consecutive threes in a row at one point. This was the best three-point shootout performance of all time in both the NBA and the WNBA.

Ionescu is also considered the best volume three-point shooter in the WNBA, leading the league in three-point field goals in 2023.

Sabrina vs. Steph 3-Point Shootout Odds

Understandably, Steph Curry is considered the favorite in the contest with FanDuel Sportsbook having his odds at -225 versus Sabrina Ionescu's +172.

Sabrina vs. Steph 3-Point Shootout Prediction

As Steph Curry described the event, this is "uncharted territory". This makes making a pick very difficult.

But if Wardell Stephen Curry II is in a competition involving shooting a ball into a basket from a distance, there is no one in the world I would be comfortable taking against him. Not the best odds but Steph Curry to win at -225 seems like the safer bet.

Odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.