Has Marcus Stroman Been a Secret Yankees Fan All This Time?

Marcus Stroman is a famous "Yankees hater," but a deeper dive reveals that he may have actually been a closet fan all these years.
Apr 18, 2023; Oakland, California, USA; Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Marcus Stroman (0) gestures as
Apr 18, 2023; Oakland, California, USA; Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Marcus Stroman (0) gestures as / John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

When the New York Yankees signed Marcus Stroman on Thursday night, baseball fans had a lot of fun with it. Stroman had once indicated he had no interest in playing for the Yankees, and had a long reputation as a Yankees hater.

But with some deeper sleuthing, the truth could be a lot deeper than that. The often-unpopular Stroman may not really be the hater that fans have deemed him to be.

In fact, he may have actually been a closet Yankees fan for all these years.

Marcus Stroman - Lifelong Yankees Fan?

The highlight for Stroman being a Yankees hater comes from his words on then-Twitter. He never outright said he wouldn't play for the Yankees, but he laughed at and mocked the idea back in 2021.

But what if we dive a little deeper? I mean first of all, he almost immediately walked back those comments that drew so much ire. And it wasn't just a simple retraction, he went much further with some real love for the Yanks.

He praises the organization and admits how much more fun baseball is when the Yankees are contenders (and boy do Yanks fans love to hear when other fans admit that well-known fact). That's not just a "okay okay please stop attacking me" apology, that's a hint of genuine fandom.

And what if we go way back in time? Dial it back to before Stroman was a star?

Back in 2011, before he was even drafted, he was regularly hitting up Yankees games.

And even though he was playing ball in the Cape Cod Summer League, Stro was on the right side of a certain major rivalry.

The Yanks lost that game 3-2 in extra innings (thanks, Phil Hughes), but Stroman was rooting for the right side the whole time.

So can we really call this guy a Yankees hater? A regular attendee of Yankees games who cheers for them against the Red Sox and wants to see them winning deep into October?

That, to me, sounds a lot more like a fan than a hater.

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