Latest Reporting On Juan Soto is Bad News for Yankees

The latest news suggests Juan Soto is unlikely to sign an extension with the New York Yankees.
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Ever since the New York Yankees acquired Juan Soto in a blockbuster trade in December, the front office and the fans have been expecting a contract extension that would guarantee keeping the star slugger in their pinstripes. However, without even playing a single game for New York, Soto just dealt a devastating blow to Yankees fans.

According to MLB insider and staff writer for The Athletic Ken Rosenthal, Juan Soto is expected to hit the open market when his contract expires at the end of the season.

Yankees Rumors: Juan Soto Likely to Test Free Agency

Three-time All-Star and World Series champion has already turned down a long-term extension worth $440 million back in 2022 when he was with the Washington Nationals. This was the impetus for the trade that sent Soto to the San Diego Padres before being acquired by the Yankees two months ago.

Even though the lack of extension is certainly disappointing for Yankees fans, it is not all that surprising. Soto is a client of Scott Boras, who famously doesn't take any discounts for his players and is willing to get uncomfortable in free agency. Juan Soto is a four-time Silver Slugger and a generational talent at age 25. Boras will certainly have no problem playing hardball in negotiations.

Soto is not going to receive a Shohei Ohtani-type of contract, but he will almost undoubtedly secure at least $500 million guaranteed in his next deal.

After New York gave up so much talent and depth to acquire him, his agent and Soto both know that they have the Yankees over a barrel. They will smartly use all the leverage they have to get the most amount of money possible.

This doesn't necessarily mean Soto is gone after this season and there is still a possibility that an extension could get done. But it doesn't seem like Soto's camp is in any rush to put pen to paper.

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