Changes to Yankees' 2024 Road Jerseys Leaked Prior to Spring Training

The New York Yankees are making small but noticeable changes to their iconic road jerseys.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most iconic looks in all of sports may be going through a transformation. The New York Yankees who have been wearing their iconic pinstripes at home and plain grays with "New York" in block letters in the front on the road may be changing for the first time in 50 years.

Yankees News: The Iconic Road Jerseys Are Changing

According to Uni Watch, the Yankees are making small but noticeable changes to the road uniforms. The blue and white sleeve trimming as well as the white outline on the letters on the chest are reportedly gone in next season's jerseys.

The trim and the outline were added to the uniforms in 1973 and have been a mainstay ever since.

Even though the Yankees usually shy away from changes to their traditional look, even refusing to add an alternate jersey unlike other teams, this alteration actually gives the uniforms a more old-school look, which could be welcomed by Yankees fans. Previous small tweaks, however, like adding the Nike logo in 2020 and the ad patch on the sleeves in 2023 didn't receive positive reactions from the fans.

These new jerseys are set to debut on March 28, when the Yankees visit the Astros in Houston on opening day.

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